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2nd January 2009, 07:24
I am so glad I found this board. :-)

I peeked in at my usual hang out- and frankly I am tired of constantly defending my posts.
The negative energy force "takes" from the potential to excel.

I cant say they noticed me sorta gone....
but for whatever reason the growing mode fizzzled out.

Every day, to defend myself as "conspiracy nut". yet- 12 bail outs in 2008, 2.3 trl "missing". yadda yadda ydler.

You guys ROCK!

2nd January 2009, 11:29

2nd January 2009, 12:02
I just found this BB recently as well, its hard finding any good sites for specific discussions nowadays with all the now commonplace internet BS that goes on. There will always be doubters wherever you go, but hey thats freedom of opinion. Do your due diligence on everything you're interested in and don't take others TOO seriously when they're giving you a hard time.

This board is very informative with a lot of good opinion-givers, I'm glad I found it :)

mick silver
2nd January 2009, 14:36
there a lot to learn here i try an read every one posts , as i am trying to learn thing that well in the end help me an my family members . and yes there freedom this may some day be gone , if they can turn the internet on they also can turn the internet off , so learn every thing you can , there may come a day you well need it

2nd January 2009, 15:57
...per turning the net on or off.

I was having a rather frank exchange with a lady in UK. She wanted to tell me something, then stopped. It was sensitive. So I started thinking...I probably have that info in one of my many books.

That got me thinking. If things go extreme where one cant say ANYTHING...that renders my books as priceless!! They can not be "turned off" like a debit card.

I specifically have some pdfs for if the net goes down.

2nd January 2009, 23:27
I've been around here long enough to remember it used to be pretty lonely around here. I mean like post and then come back in a day or two and see if anyone responded (and I'm not kidding). I don't remember how much silver was then though $10 or somewhere close comes to mind. To which about that I'd say that it's the journey not the destination.
Anyway, I'm glad to see so much NEW BLOOD around here!! And it ain't lonely around here anymore either. This IS a great place!! :)

3rd January 2009, 06:51
I peeked at a few other silver boards. This one seem easiest format.

Some of what is good here is that we come from the "precious metals are best" mindset. So we dont have to re-argue the point. That saves time and aggravation, which could instead be spent on family.

I love to learn. One can read articles but often it is that one missing grain of info that completes the picture.