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31st December 2008, 22:38
Kerala, the land of rivers and backwaters is a green strip of land, in the South West corner of Indian peninsula. Kerala is a state with full literacy, Higher Health care and lower mortality ratio. In Kerala you experience freshness and touch of mother earths every where. No wonder Keralites call their State "God's Own Country".

Marari Beach (http://www.abeachsymphony.com/) is located at a distance of 12 km from Alleppey and 60 km from Cochin City. Barely 11 Kilometers from Alappuzha (Alleppey) town, this sleepy little village, called Mararikullam, is an idyllic location for a vacation. It has long pristine sandy beaches where the swaying palms and majestic coconut groves add to the beauty of the beach. The main resort here is the 'Marari Beach Resort' belonging to CGH Earth chain of resorts, although there are a number of home stays and a new resort called Pollethai which is i mile south of Marari. The beach is clean and safe for swimming. It is an ideal beach to be in peace and tranquility unlike the hush and rush of the city life. You will get a first hand experience of the local traditions, customs and hospitality of Kerala. Besides the unlimited view of the sea, you get an insight into the local culture of the fishing village of Marari. The palm and coconut trees, the vast expanse of sea and the unexplored and uncrowned beach makes for a wonderful getaway. While at Marari Beach, a sight that you cannot miss is the daily routine of the local fishermen taking their boat to sea to catch fishes. The nearby coir making workshops makes for another fascinating view of the local culture. Coir is made from the husk of the coconut used to make many useful items such as mats and brushes. You can indulge in several of the beach activities and water sports getting the optimum pleasure out of your holidays at Marari Beach. If you love and know how to swim, then sea is the limit for swimming. Facilities for water sports like parasailing, snorkeling or surfing are available at the beach. If you don't like adventure so much, then play a game of beach volleyball.