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28th December 2008, 16:03

29th December 2008, 07:40
I think I love you! Thank you for the kind words. I very much am enjoying the people in this group. :-)

I will try to post a before pic.

The ebb and flow of my life...I excel when I "want" to do a project. When I "have" to do it, I dont do as well.

I planted 48 conifers or bushes on my city lot.

The place has a history. You see, right now I am up stairs in the white room. I often wonder what the original owners thought, dreamed and hoped as they looked out at the Susquehanna River.

Did you know a river looks different every 20 minutes? The wind, the position of the sun effect how it looks, almost a mood.

Since I could not live in the country I sought to bring the country to me.

My family by the way, did not want all the trees.

But, they cant argue with how pretty it looks.

I had to move very quick. I did not want to float on friends couches. So I took a chance. It was a good move.

29th December 2008, 21:13