View Full Version : How much to pay for libertys

30th August 2007, 00:56
I know a guy with a buch of these that look like junk. He wants $5 for each one but i think $3.00 each is right. What would you pay? I could buy up to 20 of them.. Thankyou

30th August 2007, 18:55
Libertys what?

30th August 2007, 22:32
the walking liberty halves.. sorry.. A couple maybe gradeable buy very low grades.. What are they worth as junk to melt? Thankyou

31st August 2007, 19:31
At a current spot of $12.10US, the melt value (value of silver contained) in an "average" circulated 90% Ag U.S. half-dollar is $4.35. This makes the halves worth about 4.7 x face value (at $12.10 per oz. spot value of silver)

I'll take all you can find for $3.00 each. Send 'em to me!

31st August 2007, 20:02
1964 & earlier U.S. dimes, quarters, and half-dollars were struck with an alloy of 90% silver and 10% copper.

The formula you want to figure the silver content of a 90% dime, quarter, or half-dollar is:
.715 x face value of the coin (or lot of coins) = the amount of silver in Troy ounces, that the coin(s) contain.

To determine the current melt-value (value of pure silver a coin or lot of coins contains) just multiply .715 x face value in U.S. dollars of the coin or lot of coins x the current spot value of silver per ounce.


Your one 90% "average" circulated Walking Liberty half-dollar

.715 x .50 = .3575 Troy oz. of silver x $12.10 (current spot price of silver per troy oz.) = $4.3275 worth of silver in the coin.

But a refinery will pay a bit less than that because costs are incurred by the refinery to melt and refine/separate-out and recover the pure silver (and copper).

1935 and earlier U.S. silver dollars were also struck with a 90% silver/10% copper alloy, and the amount of silver in one of the dollars or lot of dollars can be figured using the above formula, but a person needs to know that silver dollars have collector (numismatic) value so always trade at a value (premium) above their melt value.

Currently (silver spot @ $12.12) U.S. 90% silver circulated dollars stuck in years/mint during which very high number of coins were produced, generally trade for about $12-15.00US = about $3.80 to $6.80 over the value of the silver they contain (.77344 oz. of pure Ag.
when struck...a tad (but not much) less if slightly worn from being circulated.