View Full Version : Status of Run on December COMEX Gold/Silver Inventories

17th December 2008, 05:50

Been a long time since I seen Mr Weir post anything, and I used to enjoy reading his article. But... eh...

I'm damn skeptical that throwing a 1.4 billion dollar battering ram would take down Comex, because wouldn't they just buy up more than they had before? Just under 127 million oz is nothing to the total supply out there. I don't know wheather such an attack would affect the spot, but with easily four times as much paper as before I'm sure they could at least double their current holdings. Unless, that is, dollars were no longer trusted, which Mr Weir seemed to imply by the end of his article. So maybe if that happens it will be a sign, not a trigger of any major event.

Thoughts anyone?