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8th August 2007, 14:37
This is just a question from an avid silver market watcher.
:rolleyes:Why is it that with all the information and evidence from many sources, particularily Ted Butler, that there is a blatant manipulation of the silver price by a few big traders? Mr. Butler has commented about this manipulation for at least a year, yet very little is spoken about it on your site and as well as in the mass media.

It would seem that with this obvious naked short position which can be documented by the clearing houses for these trades, that all parties who have a strong financial interest in Silver going higher, would spend some time and resources trying to expose this illegal, corrupt, and manipulative activity. With the SEC running around trying to catch insider trading, hedgefund hegemony, creative concoction accounting, and off shore palm tree havens, why are they not being directed to this huge violation of all that is fair and honest in the world of commodity trading. This naked short position is beyond all logic and reasoning. If it was a manipulation to the long side then everyone and their broker would be crying for justice. When the Hunt brothers cornered the silver market all hell broke loose. The clearing houses changed the rules. The FED became involved. But with this manipulation to the short side no one is uttering a word except a few brave souls. What gives?:rolleyes:

Why are the big producers and silver mines not screaming at the top of their open pit mines? This to me is just incomprehensible. What would it take to hire some lawyers to look into this anomaly and file a class action suit on behalf of all these silver companies. They could pool their money and within a short time make this into a huge public outcry. Is there really a parallel Universe? Do I live on another planet? Why do so many immoral, illegal, and unethical activities see the light of day, yet this one eludes so many?:confused: Help me understand this SilverSeek.

8th August 2007, 19:36
Silver is traded worldwide. Just who is it that makes a few big trades every day to manipulate the price? Because I am not seeing the price moving.

15th August 2007, 21:16
Well, I am waiting for the info on big trader manipulations...especially since it looks like they are sending the price down. You would think they would be sending it up.

16th August 2007, 09:24
Silver is down .44 cents this morning. Where are those big market trading manipulators? Looks like silver will not hit that $100 per ounce mark soon.

17th August 2007, 00:20
There is no manipulation in silver or anything else -- depending how you define the word. All commodities and all shares (stocks) trade every day in huge volumes by people who have no intention of taking possession as they are pure bets on price and settlements are in $$$$. Think about it. A stock on Wall Streak may trade a million shares a day, and most of that volume may
be by shorters on the down tick. That that mean the stock is manipulated? No, it just means more people think it will go down than up so they sell. There are many shorters in the market--all markets--and in fact most professional traders hold a position for minutes or hours or only a day. The trading volume may be a huge percentage of the float or even exceed it. Most traders either buy the dip then sell the rally OR/AND sell the rally then buy the dip. The latter is a shorter, and it you think the general trend is down then maintain your short position over the longer term. Good business I would say.

18th August 2007, 18:48
Just thought I would drop this link I didnt know where to put it but I wanted to remind everyone that I aint over ever the experts were saying that it would drop more before the " better" higher prices as highs.

21st August 2007, 21:46
Is silver still headed for that $100 per ounce?

21st August 2007, 23:05
I just sent Mr. Richard Waugh, CEO, o ScotiaMocatta an email asking him the following questions and I encourage others to do the same. See this link why: http://news.silverseek.com/TedButler/1187727404.php
Mr. Richard Waugh, CEO I have a couple of questions that I think only you can answer so I am writing you in hopes that you could answer them:
Does ScotiaMocatta hold a significant short position in COMEX silver futures for itself or for customers?
Is it proper for Scotiabank to be speculating in silver?
Is Scotiabank properly reporting its risk profile in silver?
If you could answer these questions I would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you for your time.
Corey Waidner

30th December 2007, 17:31
The chinamen are shorting silver ,they will need so much of it in the next 10
years hell why not try to keep the price down and save a few hundred
million dollars

31st December 2007, 05:19
Of course the market is manipulated. Every seller tries to manipulate it up and every buyer tries to manipulate it down. Some people are very clever about their manipulations. Don't let that stop you. You can't win if you don't play.