View Full Version : Vintage Keynesian propaganda

16th December 2008, 19:08
Picked this up from www.24hgold.com

It’s all clean now. Inflation is our friend and is the saviour of you and me. See, there’s a guy behind a desk drawing lines on paper that clearly show that a decrease in purchasing power increases employment and makes everyone happy. It’s easy, inflate the money supply and the cost of living goes up. Naturally, wages will increase and demand will increase and we will all live happily ever after in the world of MGM musicals.

“Yeowsa, happy days are here again.”

I wonder if this film was the source of Bernanke’s doctoral thesis? Enjoy.


16th December 2008, 23:58
We need to get rid of the Keynesian system once and for all. The British have killed to keep it place ever since the duel between Hamilton and Burr. The time is now. Get rid of these fuckin' parasites.