View Full Version : Gerald Celente audio on $2000 Gold, etc...

15th December 2008, 02:20
http://www.lewrockwell.com/podcast/?p=episode&name=2008-12-14_084_gerald_celente_2000_gold_and_the_break_up_o f__the_us.mp3

YIKES!!! An eye opening interview with someone who's got GREAT insight. His newsletter will be my next subscription...

On www.lewrockwell.com a GREAT website!!

15th December 2008, 07:59
Campaign for Liberty used to be a free venue. Now they sensor the website just like the enemy's of freedom.

15th December 2008, 12:20
Gerald is the man. Along with a few others who share the same views, Mr. Celente has one of the best records for predicting future events.

There are a few Youtube interviews worth listening to. The latest Jeff Rense interview from last week is 1/2 hour long.