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10th December 2008, 18:28
Ever seen the cash for gold commerical..
THere total rip offs ..they send you a check in about 2 weeks and offer you about 1/3 of the spot price..Then you call back and they offer to double it..You should read some of the stuff on them...type in google cash for gold scam you will here some funny stuff...I tried it once with some junk ear rings and gfs ex husbands rings....just cause they were bought from him...It was only 12.85 dwt they offered me 70.00 and I ended up with 150.00 once i called back it was about 210 scrap...I would never do this but they from my gfs ex husband and she would not let me have them for my possesion...I wanted them to send back but by then what I have read was I might not get back and be screwed..I only even sent to them instead of selling on ebay cause I thought they might be reputable but they were a total joke!!!! But like I said I couldnt keep them cause they were my gfs of 4 years ex wedding rings and so forth...One guys writes how he worked there and left and told the whole lay out..how they expect there getting a phone call back..and they low ball offer so bad..If they double your offer they get 15 commison and if they triple they get 10.00 commision..They will ask how much were you expecting...??? They then say there goin get there supervisor and they twilddle there thumbs or doodle..Then if you want ur gold back you either wait 30 days or dont get it back..and you only got 10 days to call them or they melt it..The check once u receive is already 5-6 days post dated..and it takes 2 weeks to get anyway..and sometimes they keep your gold and say they never got it...Plus there insurance is only 100.00 ..on a envelope...There should be something done to these people..There scam artist..and like I said I would have never done this if they were my gfs.. ex husband gifts from the past..!!!! No Biggy anyway 12dwt....But it was the point!!!I was so pissed bad!!! just cause i know too much about pms from average joe and there site they were paying highest and almost scrap price!!! But they werent mine and wanted them out of the house!!! cya

10th December 2008, 18:42
Ever seen the cash for gold commerical..

I didn't need to read any further than that. What a joke that commercial is! But, if a person has only a little karat jewelry and is desperate... Otherwise, I recommend to anyone asking me about that to just hold on to it.

10th December 2008, 18:46
Another way they do it is to see what the various pieces enclosed for sale come out carat wise in calculations. Let's say you had some 14 carat, some 18 carat and some 24 carat (however unlikely that would be) jewelry enclosed in that magic envelope and you sent it in. When they got it, they did the same thing and arranged it all out in front of them and then they see you sent them some 14 carat, some 18 carat and some 24 carat gold jewelry. Now they weigh all this gold jewelry together, multiply the TOTAL by the LOW END of 14 carats and give you the weight paid out via the 14 carat scale, even though you had some 18 and 24 carat jewelry in there too. Yep, NICE SCAM.
Oh and my sister in-law told me that she went into a coin shop in Missoula Montana to inquire about what an item of silver she had might be worth. When the guy told her his "guestimate" she inquired about what the spot price of silver was that day and how he came to that figure. He said something to the effect that "they don't go too much by spot...there and use that only as a guide line". She mentioned that in all of her years that this was the first time she ever went into a coin shop and didn't see the spot price displayed somewhere obvious. She said they kind of ignored her but she wasn't buying (here) anyway....

10th December 2008, 22:06
Scam?.... they are getting that nasty old broken scrap gold off your hands and in exchange you get beautiful cash.... (sarcasm)

11th December 2008, 11:31
why I had no idea my gold was worth that... cashforgoldusa.com

11th December 2008, 23:55
You say your girlfriend's ex owned the gold first? You were not clear enough about that. Next time please say it at least 5 times. 8-)

Ardent Listener
12th December 2008, 14:58
"A safe and secure transaction!" Right, they let the U.S. Postial Service mug you for them.

1st January 2009, 09:12
I have a piece of silver jewlery that I a) couldn't pawn or even give away (it's mine, to the point where it is so heavily personalized no one else would ever want it) but b) do NOT want any more. I know it isn't worth the $300 that I paid for it originally (about half of that was an engraver's fee), but I have seen similiar, non-personalized, items for around $100 (retail). I'm not expecting to get that much but I want it out of my jewlery chest. Absolutely the only thing this thing will ever be good for is melting down and being turned into something else... any suggestions on where I can get rid of it? (In case it hasn't bled through in the subtext, there's some sentimental value attached to the item... very negative sentimental value. I've had it for over 4 years since a bad break up and decided that the time had come to get rid of the last remnant of that relationship.)

1st January 2009, 09:29
any time there is a commercial, someone paid money for it.

A buddy went to a hotel event where they buy gold, he was offerred such a low price on his exes ring- he kept it.

1st January 2009, 12:29
ya there all making a killing buying scrap gold and silver...makes more sense to buy scrap then bullion....then sell it on ebay