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10th December 2008, 02:11
Hello I am new to investing in precious metal and was looking for some helpful info on the best places to buy and sell gold and silver. Other info about the most secure ways to purchase and sell precious metals would be appreciated also. How can I tell how much the gold or silver is really worth at a certain time to make sure I am not getting ripped off. Sorry if these sound like stupid questions, I literally just started looking into precious metal investments about 3 months ago. I don't know anybody who has knowledge about any investments really and am trying to get as much knowledge on my own as I can. If anyone could help out it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! :D

10th December 2008, 10:50
Right now get on Ebay, and buy some Silver Maples .999 or Silver Eagles .999

Do it now you have little time left.

As for price its very cheap right now I pay No more than 14 for 1 Maple

10th December 2008, 18:11
Right now is the best time to buy..Figure out how much you want to invest. I would recomend for beginners buying older us coins. Considered 90%
pre 1964 quarters
pre 1964 halves
pre 1965 Dimes
Nickels dont worry about there only silver in the early 40s..for like 3 years
They are 90 % silver and the best bang for your dollar..you can search in this forum for more imformation on 90% and learn alot about it. I would start out buying rolls of Franklin Halves and Walking Liberty Halves and 64 Kennedy Halves ..for 5.00 each.. or 100 or less for rolls.. Right now average deal on 90% is goin for 10 x face value..example .25c x 10 = 2.50 for a quarter...10c for 1.00.....
Right now theres about 3.50 worth of silver in a older pre 64 50cent peice...Theres always a premium above spot when buying silver. Especially when its way underpriced right now, considering it was 20.00 ounce and is about halve as it was. I been buying up all the 90% I can lately...I goto flea-markets..coins shops and pawn shops and run ads on craigslist..If I buy on ebay I have paid up to 10x with shipping for selected coins..mainly halves to get my inventory up. Ive had good luck at pawn shops on buying up dimes in big lots for 70 c each...along with quarters..They usually want 10x but ill buy them out at 7x...Ive had good luck on people I work with recently buying 90% percent off of for scrap price...right now at bout 7x along with craiglist...most pawn shops dont pay very much for them usually 5x so they dont mind making a little if you offer to buy quite a bit..Just start out learning a little first before you buy too much...but this is a good way to start..Because you can easily find 90 percent once you know what your doin..Always look at your change before you spend it also...I look at every single coin I get...I dont find any that way verily but does happend...and those are my favorite..
Silver Eagles and Canadian Maples .999 pur silver...15-18 each is ok too...
If your goin be buying over 50 oz at a time and want 10 oz bars goto nwtmint.com and wait 10 -14 weeks and get a low premium on them...Expect to usually pay 3-7 dollars premium per oz on individual bars and rounds..
I would recomend...starting out in 90% to learn about and get best bang for your buck...Right now is good to buy pricewise plus you can get good deals right now with bad econemy and people that are not into silver and would rather have paper money to buy things they need...especially for xmas..
Today I gotta phone call and was offered 100 quarters at 1.50 each and a few halves for 3.50 each...This is a steal!!! Plus a guy at work has some for me Im goin to be looking at tommorow...He was born in 65 so he kept any coins older then 65 and said he has a bunch...but they gotta be pre 64..Im goin pay him Spot price on his...Thats when you buy it all!!!! And do what you gotta do to buy it all...type in google...silver coin melt calculator if you wanna know spot on silver coins...if you dont keep up with silver prices and are new...so that should give you a little idea...
I kicked myself in the butt when silver was 17-20 oz and said man I shouldve bought all I could when it was 12.00..now its 10---up and down.. So its my time to get all I can..Silver will go back up once econemy stablizes along with other things that will cause it to go up...Industry is one of the keys..and manufacturing...along with politics and supply and demand..Silver has alot goin for it right now...dont be afraid to buy and dont sell anytime soon it goin jump up n down but your not goin lose down the road..big purchases of over 100 oz def do your research and get it for right price..physical only dont mess with stocks at all.....in hand only!!! Hope this helps this is all in my opinion and def get more but this is a few good ideas and should help. I try to pick up 20 oz a week...I only sell if i can make a quick buck to buy at better price so wheeling and dealing is fine once you know what your doin..This is excellent forum to learn..Most people that post know more then I , and ive learned off them more then I could learn anywhere else..Few months on here and you will be in good shape..