View Full Version : Paulson Was Behind Bailout Martial Law Threat

mick silver
23rd November 2008, 21:47
Speaking on Tulsa Oklahoma’s 1170 KFAQ, when asked who was behind threats of martial law and civil unrest if the bailout bill failed, Senator James Inhofe named Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson as the source. “Somebody in D.C. was feeding you guys quite a story prior to the bailout, a story that if we didn’t do this we were going to see something on the scale of the depression, there were people talking about martial law being instituted, civil unrest….who was feeding you guys this stuff?,” asked host Pat Campbell. “That’s Henry Paulson,” responded Inhofe, “We had a conference call early on, it was on a Friday I think – a week and half before the vote on Oct. 1. So it would have been the middle … what was it – the 19th of September, we had a conference call. In this conference call – and I guess there’s no reason for me not to repeat what he said, but he said – he painted this picture you just described. He said, ‘This is serious. This is the most serious thing that we faced.’” Inhofe said that Paulson told members of Congress the crisis would be “far worse than the great depression” if Congress didn’t authorize the bill to buy out toxic debt, a proposal “which he abandoned the day after he got the money,” added Inhofe.


24th November 2008, 00:38
Hank Paulson should be lynched for the son of a bitch that he is. Goldman Sachs scumbag.

24th November 2008, 02:35
Agreed, paulson to the gallows!

24th November 2008, 04:27
Paulson is very bad news. He's like a Clinton. He enjoy's doing things that are devastating to the country. He is also a liberal democrat which just goes to show that both parties are working together to destroy this country.

To make things even worse he was working for the Nature Conservancy for a while there which makes him an environmental terrorist in addition to being a bankster and an economic terrorist.

The Nature Conservancy is a communist organization like the Sierra Club and Greenpeace. They like to take away property rights by tricking people into thinking it's all about "Saving the Planet".

I have always thought that the banksters are behind the climate change hoax and I believe I'm right about that. What better way to sucker people into giving up their property rights and paychecks than telling them the world will come to an end if they don't.

What makes it even worse is that he does what he does for fun. He's worth about 5oo million dollars and doesn't even need to work.

Round Town
24th November 2008, 08:16
The only reason that congress would bow to the threats of martial law is that it would suspend congress and their authority and power. Even though they have already ceded most of it to the executive branch, illegally I might add.

Personally I do not have any fear of martial law. How can they control everything everywhere. There are 3.6 million square miles of land in these united States. Actually the authority of the federal government ends at the Potomac River. They have 64 sq. miles of land in the district. And it is all that they control. The rest is the individual states.

Maybe we should all go and address a joint session of congress and tell them, "Restore the constitutional republic or these many states shall secede on the basis of breach of the constitution that each has thus ratified." I wonder what kind of response we'd get?

Bob, From Ohio, a beautiful land given away by those who did not own it.
The view from my pile, yours may be different.