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mick silver
20th November 2008, 22:24
We have not seen anything like this since the Savings and Loan crash of the 1980’s (commonly referred to as the S&L Crisis) where 747 United States based savings and loan associations (S&Ls) failed, ultimately costing over $160 billion. Financially this looks more like the market crash in the 1930’s. All over the country, we are seeing tent cities of people shut out of homes lost in foreclosure actions. Many causes combined to form this crisis and people all over the country are talking about it wondering if they are next. The media is full of speculation. The bankruptcy and foreclosure markets are so full of un-sellable houses that the auctions are backed up over a year. The same goes for cars and trucks repossessed for the same reasons. The people cannot pay and the banks won’t loan funds.

‘Patriot groups, protestors and conspiracy theorists are referring to the government’s takeover of failing banks and their respective private property mortgages as ‘communistic’.

Team Law usually receives more calls about tax problems than land issues. Recently, 10 to 1 of the calls received are regarding securing land rights, foreclosures and bankruptcies; all related to the current financial condition in America. The people ask us what we think about the problem. We tell them these current events are simply more evidence of the truth in what we have been saying from the beginning. The causes of the problems we are facing are, the people do not know the law, their history or the reality of who they are acting for in commerce. If they did, they would have stopped this from happening long ago. People today have been deceived into believing they are powerless to stop such current events legally and lawfully. However, the laws of our Constitutional Republic define the limits of government.

Those laws remain to this day. Though it takes proper study, law is actually quite simple to learn. The foundation of lawful government requires that government can neither create authority nor lawfully acquire more authority than the individual people have. This is the very reason why so many organizations pop up to contest what appears to be governmental usurpation and oppression. Still, such organizations seem to have little effect on stopping such usurpation. We believe the reason that happens is the people following those organizations’ ideals fail to understand who they are (what capacity they address “government” from and the laws related to that relationship. Thus, they fail in their effort.

If they were to follow the Standard for Review we provide on our Open Forum, they would have a foundation for understanding the current events and finding the solution. If they were to study and learn the truth regarding the historical facts presented on Team Law’s Patriot Mythology page, at Myth 22, they would then understand the key that unlocks the solution to the current financial crisis in the United States. Understanding these things they will discover, we are actually at war with seemingly insurmountable odds against us; and, the only two weapons we have that are functional in this war are: