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mick silver
17th November 2008, 07:43
Now the government has decided not to buy the junk left behind by the giant US Banking system garage sale, and instead has decided to funnel the cash directly onto the balance sheets of the banks who were peddling them, I am convinced the American and global consumer public has been zapped with some kind of stun gun. As expressed on 321gold.com recently, "Where's the outrage?"

Complacency would seem to be the default reaction. Like cattle at the abattoir, we mill about munching straw while one by one our brethren receive a bolt to the head before being parceled into roasts.

Crime of the Century

I hereby provide notice of an avenue for action. We at MidasLetter.com are in development on a feature length documentary film called "Crime of the Century". This film takes a long view of the economic history of the world from the establishment of the US Federal Reserve (conceptually in 1907, officially in 1913) up until our present circumstances, and offers compelling evidence to suggest a pattern of unconstitutional and unlawful activity by certain leaders of government and industry.

We are not exposing a conspiracy. Far from it, with the overwhelming evidence available as a matter of public record, this film examines the actions of these entities against the light of the U.S. Penal Code, and builds a case for the prosecution of certain institutions and the people behind them under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act ("RICO").

Our objective in producing this film is to galvanize the voting citizens of G20 nations into action in demanding a more transparent and equitable financial system.

Whether or not you subscribe to the ideas that ending the gold standard was bad for global business or that the price of gold has or has not been manipulated to suppress it, or that the "dark" market where the bulk of derivatives in the form of futures are traded secretly to influence commodity spot prices is irrelevant. We will examine all of these situations dispassionately and with the help of experts comprised of everyone from economic Nobel laureates to professors to authors, contrarian investors, newsletter writers, financial analysts, ratings experts, commodities traders, and most importantly - ex-senior members of the very government and financial institutions we indict.

While the film does provide clear evidence of certain improprieties in the gold market that have resulted in an artificially quoted spot gold price on COMEX, the overriding premise of the film is that within the pattern of if not fraud than certainly gross incompetence, certain mechanisms comprised of policy and actions serve to exacerbate the volatility inherent in natural business cycles that provide the means by which obscene profits are extracted from the financial system in regular intervals at the expense of the average citizen.

The film does not seek to blame any one nation, or any single group. Rather, the complacency of the public and the duplicity of the mainstream press are scrutinized to identify not just the perpetrators of the unlawful activity, but also of the social conditions that permit such crime to be committed in plain sight.

The following is an excerpt from the film's business plan: