View Full Version : Wanna Help/Fund a Movie About This Ongoing Crime?

14th November 2008, 23:53

From the article:

I hereby provide notice of an avenue for action. We at MidasLetter.com are in development on a feature length documentary film called "Crime of the Century". This film takes a long view of the economic history of the world from the establishment of the US Federal Reserve (conceptually in 1907, officially in 1913) up until our present circumstances, and offers compelling evidence to suggest a pattern of unconstitutional and unlawful activity by certain leaders of government and industry.

....We are seeking financial assistance for the completion of this project. No amount is too big or too small. Equity positions are available for accredited investors with whom we have a prior relationship. (Subscribing to our web site counts!).

If you are interested in helping us expose fraud and obtain justice, please visit:


...to learn how you can get involved and DO something.