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Round Town
11th November 2008, 11:55
I seem to recall an article I read somewhere about playing the G/S ratio to increase ones holdings.
The article said something like, when the ratio is high, as it is now at 75-80 you should be trading your gold into silver. when the ratio declines into, say the 40-50 range that you should trade silver for gold. As you trade back and forth with the variations of the ratio, you theoretically increase your holding of both silver, as money and gold, for reserve.
It would seem that a determined person could use this ratio playing, on a variation of the ratio, like in a 6 or 7 range and increase your holding very quickly, and get this gang!!! at relatively little out of pocket expense. Gas $ Practically free. Regardless of dollar valuations of either metal.

I don't know about you folks out there in silverland, but this idea seems as though it could just work out. I'm really going to consider giving it a try. How could I lose?

Anybody got any suggestion on how this could be done and where to do it at?

The view from my pile, yours may be different.