View Full Version : silver price n demand if stock market crashes

7th November 2008, 17:38
so if market crashes hard...after xmas sales...everyone will need money and will be selling silver..Now all the physical silver will be on ebay dirt cheap cause people need cash..theres plenty of silver coins and bullion out there if everyone decided to start selling and not enough buyers...only big industry could bring value back up again and would have to wait till economy was strong again..is this whats goin happend this year dec or jan? guess well see on biggest shopping day after thanksgiving in few weeks..im expectinig huge bear market very very soon..maybe biggest yet!! huge loss of jobs coming then there will be something dramatic happend when obama is in office and something big is goin have to happend to help everyone out..especially with the high energy bills this winter for middle and lower class heating bills

7th November 2008, 18:00
silver will go down to 7.50 oz late dec

7th November 2008, 18:05
WOW! Maybe I should wait to buy some more.

7th November 2008, 18:06
Now all the physical silver will be on ebay dirt cheap cause people need cash..

Great, I'll be able to buy more. :D

7th November 2008, 18:06
Who do you think bought Silver? Your neighbors, your boss, your relatives? Have any of your neighbors told you that the best way to avoid a crisis is with silver or gold? I think not.

I'll tell you who the people that bought silver, they were mostly people with extra money who plan on holding it because they fear a dollar crash when we work our way through this mess.

If you are a scared little rabbit and need money then you should sell now, before Silver reaches your target. Boy theres nothing like a bunch of government sponsored piece of paper in your hand. I'll be willing to take Silver off your hands for 7.50 right now if you'd like.

7th November 2008, 18:34
no i wont sell cheap ,ill sell it for high premium now. Ill buy later when its cheaper.....should be able to double my silver if i do that.. sell at 16 oz and buy at 8.00 easily done.....with premiums in all...100oz bars at low premium when its way down..

7th November 2008, 18:42
So what you are is more of a daytrader of physical metal. You dont believe that a currency devaluation can hit you practically overnight without warning? Hey good luck with that.

7th November 2008, 18:44
i would never ever sell silver cheaper then what it would cost me to replace. Im smarter then that..I just rather see my stockpile grow by making smart moves down the road. All money i make selling my silver will go back into it. It will always be out there to be bought with paper money, until theres a new currency.. But with the econemy now it will go way down the next few months..But the time will come soon when you better have it and sooner then most think..this is just what i think.....winter way down.and most of spring...summer and fall next year way up..

7th November 2008, 18:49
im not a day trader i only deal with physical. I been buying for 3 years now and I just see the worst to come in few months and then a big obama plan to help the disaster that has been building the past 8 years...major help will be needed here soon and the goverment is goin to do something big

7th November 2008, 19:07
WOW! With you having all this future knowledge, you could have saved all of us a lot of money and could have increased all of our piles of PMs. I guess really there are some things one should keep to themselves.

7th November 2008, 19:14
I've tried to discourage my family from gift buying, seems like they wanna spend more this year than last, I say sales are down like I've read and when news hits they are worse than the worst predictions, it's gonna be a major blow to those numbers. Quarterly losses of millions, and even billions ... do they not understand how screwed we are. Instead of an uncomfortable shift we're gonna crash.

I work in the service industry, if others lose their jobs, my place loses customers, nobody seems to be connecting the dots.

Is there a single job field that wouldn't be significantly affected? Where to go from here.