View Full Version : New wave of job cuts across America could worsen downturn

mick silver
5th November 2008, 17:56
Steven Ridenhour knows how to build a car. But after the Chrysler plant where he worked for 15 years shut down last week, Ridenhour has little else to show on his resume.

With four kids, a wife and a mortgage, Ridenhour is scrambling to replace his US$28-an-hour pay. He isn't optimistic. He knows thousands of others are being thrown out of work every month, making his job hunt a worsening struggle.

"I don't have any proof I have skills in any other area," he said. "So I'm competing with a lot of other people, and there aren't a lot of jobs around

Tribal Warrior
5th November 2008, 20:18
I know a job opening here in Northern Indiana, only pays around $10/hr. and is night shift, but hey, it's a job, right. Not too hard of work, just dirty work.

Yeah ain't Obama supposed to bring Millions of jobs with him to the White House, along with Middle-Class tax cuts? LOL, what a joke both of those comments are. Tax revenues are way down, how can he give 95% of Americans tax cuts? Tax the rich more, ok, well that works, BUT, then the trickle down effect starts, then everybody gets bent over backwards.

Here in Goshen/Elkhart area, we have the 15th* worst unemployment rate in the country at around 10%.

Manufactoring industry jobs are not coming back anytime soon, thats Hundreds of thousands of middle-class jobs.