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mick silver
4th November 2008, 21:27
Coins are poised for sharp price rises in coming weeks and months, on the heels of swelling demand for basic materials.

Actionable: This week might provide an opening for those who want a one-ounce coin for less than $850.

We are just back from London, where the U.S. dollar is beating the pants off Pounds and Euros, and where the new “Quantum of Solace” James Bond film, which we viewed with enormous sneak-preview pleasure, just shattered opening weekend box-office marks in Britain, Sweden and France.

Basic materials, as described in ThomWatch words and chart on Monday, are continuing to rebound higher after getting the boot last week – (AMEX: UYM, Stock Forum). Also: See ThomWatch on materials.

My friend Van Simmons of DAVID HALL RARE COINS operates a longtime rare coin dealer in California and tells me the premiums for silver, gold and platinum coins of many denominations remain thick. This comes as consumers snap up available supply from mints in Canada, the U.S., Great Britain, South Africa, and Australia. It comes also as paper securities linked to metals (mining stocks) get hammered … and some metals, such as platinum, lose nearly half their value vs. five months ago.