View Full Version : Will Warren Buffett buy gold and silver stocks?

mick silver
3rd November 2008, 20:30
The Sage of Omaha, the world’s richest man has announced that he is back in the market for common stocks for his own portfolio. As ever Warren Buffett has caught the crowd off guard with his investment logic, and there has been no groundswell of buyers following in his path. But equally by his own logic the world’s most successful investor ought to be snapping up gold and silver stocks.

Last Friday Warren Buffett explained his case for buying stocks in a revealing article in the New York Times. Some said it was like the 90 year-old John D Rockefeller buying stocks after the 1929 Wall Street Crash.

Buffett said he could not tell if stocks were at the bottom but saw good value. Plus he is selling his bonds - which are probably at the top of a bull market anyhow - to buy stocks. That makes his decision a search for relative if not absolute value.