View Full Version : Why a Gold Standard

mick silver
3rd November 2008, 13:36
The $800 billion bailout, and billions more being pumped less obviously into the global economy, will cure nothing. Americans are clamoring for a savior. No one is willing to believe that the party is over. In the past, someone always came to our rescue.

Like a parent dispelling a childhood nightmare, FDR soothed the masses with the assurance that they had nothing to fear but fear itself. To this day, he is revered for turning a depression into the Great Depression. In the aftermath of the dot-com bubble, Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan came to the rescue with a brand-new bubble in real estate.

Even if there was someone out there who could pull off one more illusionary rescue, it would only delay the inevitable and worsen the pain. Pain now or more pain later. The compassionate solution is to let Adam Smith's invisible hand guide us, as should have been happening all along. Almost no public figures have the backbone to speak honestly about what's wrong. There is no free lunch. Still, voters believe the promise that "I will give you what you want and make someone else pay for it." Neither Congress nor either presidential candidate can take us back to the fairytale world of mortgaged opulence we blissfully enjoyed in the recent past