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mick silver
3rd November 2008, 12:37

3rd November 2008, 12:45
can you see the D??! I can't see ****. looks like chocolate

3rd November 2008, 12:50
hal turner is a white supremacist himself. why would he be trying to help out mexicans? it makes no sense.

his views have been compared to Hitler. come on. the guy is a whack.

3rd November 2008, 12:54
There is also a "Hal Turner Debunked" video out there, and you can clearly see the coin on that one. And yes, it does have a "D" on it.


I went to the website the video talks about, and to me it sure does look like that is where Hal Turner got the coin he presents.

It looks like little more than huge new copper penny if you ask me. Different artwork, of course, but it's obviously copper.

It's hard to say where Turner is coming from. His former website was pretty much white supremist type crap that appealed to a lot of skinheads. Then somebody hacked into Turner's computer and it was found that he was actually a paid informant of the FBI. People were apparently writting to him about all their skinhead plans of whatever, and Turner was turning that information over to the FBI.

It's hard to know what to make of the guy. He definately sounded like a Nazi whacko, but then again, that's the kind of crap the FBI and the CIA put out to find out what the skinheads are planning to do.

In any event, it certainly does seem like the FBI was paying Turner to spread a considerable amount of disinformation. So who knows what is really going on...

3rd November 2008, 12:59
nobody is innocent through their employment - government or not. responsible for ones actions. he wasn't faking being a racist to lure in information for the FBI. getting in fights with city councilmen and always despising Jews.

3rd November 2008, 13:14
I have no clue because I never listened to the guy. I've just been looking into the Turner thing since he put out the Amero video. His credibility doesn't look too good, if you ask me.

3rd November 2008, 13:18
definitely not credible. questionaly psychotic. like his suggestion to buy gold and silver though! :)

3rd November 2008, 14:13
Although I believe the coin Turner claims is the Amero is bogus, the part of this whole thing that does seem credible to me is the possibility that an apparently very angry China may have called in part of the national debt they own.

As far as I can tell, the North American Union/Amero plan was still going full steam ahead as of May of this year, and by July the plan appears to have suddenly been tossed in the can.

I suspect the whole thing centers around the fact that China is exceedingly unhappy with the USA's stance on Iran.

China could have indeed attempted to call in part of the debt and that's what makes this whole Turner thing so puzzling.

Typically, when the FBI or CIA pays somebody to spread disinformation, in this case Turner, there is an element of truth to the story but it is surrounded and convuluted by lies.