View Full Version : The EU hits roadblocks in its mission to impose stringent carbon dioxide emission goa

mick silver
2nd November 2008, 22:19
Tempers flared recently at a quarterly meeting of the European Council in Brussels over the EU's crusade to impose stringent limits on carbon emissions. Led by Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, an open revolt of eight countries, enough for a voting bloc, sought to defend their national economies from the radical environmental programs backed by the EU hierarchy.

Berlusconi, speaking in opposition to the EU plan that was once favored by former Green Italian environment minister Pecoraro Scanio, argued: “Our businesses are in absolutely no position at the moment to absorb the costs of the regulations that have been proposed.” Directing more anger at the Emissions Trading Scheme which is set to license via a bidding process carbon dioxide emissions in 2013, he said, “It is ridiculous that we are selling the right to pollute