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mick silver
30th October 2008, 14:58
The first West African conference of the African Socialist International has ended in Freetown, with delegates calling for reparations to be paid to Africans for 400 years of slavery.

A presentation by Ismail Rashid, a Sierra Leonean professor of African History at New York's Vassar College, captured the mood when he insisted that it is long overdue for the West to pay for the "heinous crimes committed against Africans for our enslavement and dehumanisation."

"Asking for reparations is no favour demanded from the west," the radical pan-Africanist exploded. "It is our right because through slavery, the West stole our labour, dignity and resources. It is repayment for our labour, our looted human resources."

The meeting brought together African socialists from around the continent, Europe and the United States to discuss this and other themes, against the background of the current financial crisis facing western economies.

"Reparations may come in the form of technology transfer and financial resources because slavery destroyed Africa's early potential for growth and industrial advancement," Rashid added.

The issue of reparations has long been a subject of debate in intellectual circles around the continent and participants at the Freetown meeting agreed that the effects of slavery still hamper Africa's growth.

mick silver
30th October 2008, 14:59

30th October 2008, 17:48
With all due respect, what does this have to do with silver?

31st October 2008, 03:24
Well since the impact on any one person who is living today that is decended
from slaves taken out of Africa is that they live somewhere else instead of
Africa maybe these decendants of slaves should be made a one time offer
of free one way airfare to the African country of their choice should they
feel they would be better off there. I somehow think very few will take up
the offer. ^_-

As for anyone else that was left behind in Africa and their decendants are
these people upset that they weren't chosen as slaves thus wanting
compensation for the emotional distress of being unwanted? :-D Wanting
compensation for "African countries" is a pretty lame excuse since the
people that were affected are long since dead and their decendants are
not in those countries!

An interesting fact, I remember once reading that after the British Empire
banned slavery the leader of some African country (I forget which one)
wrote a letter to the then current Queen of England asking for the slave
trade to be re-instated because his country was missing out on it's
previous "export revenue" since they had nobody to sell the slaves to
now. Sounds to me like there was a stronger impetus for slavey from
within Africa than from outside of it.

Though yes, this really doesn't relate to Silver.

31st October 2008, 05:50
mccain is a socialist