View Full Version : An exercise in myth-busting

mick silver
29th October 2008, 23:13
The material world exists in the eternal Present.

I was going to write: “The real material world exists in the eternal Present”, but the word “real” would be superflous, because there cannot exist an “unreal” material world.

For St. Thomas Aquinas (1225 - 1274) Reality and Truth are one and the same. There cannot be a “false Reality” just as there cannot be a “false Truth”.

This now brings me to the subject of the Future. Since all reality – all existence – is in the Present, what can be said about “the Future”?

Only humans can conceive “the Future”. The fact is, only humans are aware of Time and only humans can act to adjust their behavior to provide for expected conditions in the Future.

Relations between humans in which the Future is involved comprise the human, conceptual world of the Future, and these relations deal with the world of Promises – actions that will take place in the Future.

The world of Promises is the World of Credit or Finance.

Thus, humans live and act in two worlds, because of the consciousness of Time: the real world of the Present, and the conceptual world of the Future, in which Credit and Finance have such an important place in our times.


I frequently find statements to the effect that “future generations will have to pay our debts.”

Here arises an important intellectual confusion.

Everything that we do, all our actions take place in the Present, and so do their effects. If we bake a chocolate cake and eat it all ourselves, we are not depriving a “future generation” of a chocolate cake. We are depriving our own children, in our own household of eating any portion of the cake. The action takes place in the Present, and the effects likewise are effects in the Present.