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mick silver
29th October 2008, 22:44
Pan American 100 Ounce Bars

These Pan American 100 ounce silver bars are .999-fine silver and feature the well known silver hammer logo of Pan American Silver Corp.

These bars exhibit the highest manufacturing quality in the industry. Each has a velvety satin finish and is embossed with the Pan American logo; purity and content; and is engraved with a unique serial number. These bars are individually boxed with the serial number imprinted on the box.

With silver from the mining operations of one of the world's leading silver producers, Pan American Silver, we are proud to be the exclusive mint for this highly regarded bullion product.

Please note: Dimensions provided are approximate, with some variance from bar to bar. Product is sold by weight, not by dimension.


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Note About Quantity: Purchases of bullion items are limited on our online store. Platinum bullion items are limited to 1 ounce total. Gold bullion items are limited to 3 ounces total. Palladium bullion items must be under 5 ounces total. Silver bullion is limited to 50 oz. total, with the exception of Northwest Territorial Mint and Pan American Silver Corp. branded items, which have an order limit of 200 oz. If you wish to purchase more and be eligible for a price break, please visit our bullion sales.

Note About Shipping: Please note that Northwest Territorial Mint applies a shipping, handling, and insurance charge to all orders that include bullion items at our online store. The charge is $10 for orders totaling less than $250 and $20 for orders totaling $250 or more.

All Bullion orders are subject to a $35 cancellation fee and other restrictions. Please review the return policy for more information.


mick silver
29th October 2008, 22:45
it look like you do not have to wait for these bars , or do you

30th October 2008, 00:13
Looks really nice and Tomm I'm going to check out there prices on the other items (online ). Thanks Lodr

30th October 2008, 00:16
it look like you do not have to wait for these bars , or do you

I bought some in September, took about a month to receive my small order of 1 10 oz. bar and 1 Phil. Maybe the Phil held it up, I don't know.

30th October 2008, 00:18
30 day wait for a order from the "store". These 100-oz bars are 74dollars more than the 12-14 week wait bars....
Plus 20 for shipping 2 bars.

mick silver
30th October 2008, 11:48
YES THEY ARE MORE , but the wait time is way down

mick silver
30th October 2008, 12:36
just called the lady said 2 months to get your bar , just way to long for me