View Full Version : Isn't anybody freaked out by the USD today?

29th October 2008, 14:27
Did anybody else notice, the US dollar yesterday was 87-88, and TODAY it's now 84!

The euro went from 1.29 to 1.24, and the yen jumped as well.

How the hell does the dollar move like that in just 1 day?


29th October 2008, 14:30
Its called concerted action. Entire G-7 selling off yen, so Japan, Inc and China, Inc. can continue to flood our nation and destroy our industries -- well, what's left of them, anyway. Is Boeing packing its suitcases yet?

A nation that makes nothing is worth nothing.

mick silver
29th October 2008, 15:40
when it get to 50 wake me up

29th October 2008, 16:01
The over priced US$ is finally acting as it should have months ago. I mean,really, the US owes Trillions and Trillions and has there printing presses running full bore flooding the world with there toilet paper currency. Its about time!!!