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28th October 2008, 17:30
on 1 - 1000 ounce bar of silver from my account. I'm not interested in taking the whole 4000+oz out of the account. I am however interested in having one delivered and in my personal possession, especially in these days and times. I do have a bit of 90% stashed and some eagles and maple leafs too and I really don't need a 70 pound boat anchor hiding in the bottom of the big safe either. If I could get less delivered, I'd go for about half that, really. But it's the BIG 1000 ounce - 70 POUNDS WORTH - that they make available for delivery, so be it.
Anyway, I'll let you know what it's going to cost, how long it takes and if there's any attitude anywhere too, soon as I know something.

28th October 2008, 17:44
Anyway, I'll let you know ... if there's any attitude anywhere too, soon as I know something.

I wish that were a rating you could check box on resellers:
I would like taking delivery without static please...


29th October 2008, 11:43
Well.....I just heard back from GoldMoney about my inquiry into delivery for 1 - 1000 ounce bar. NO ATTITUDE whatsoever on their end. The guy just laid it out matter-of-factly and said it "could cost up to $1 per ounce for handling, shipping, delivery, insurance" and all of that, depending where it's going. He recommended taking delivery of at least 2 bars as the cost would be substantially lower. They take $200 from the account to get things started. They then present you with the costs after they put it all together. They'll only ship the metal to a "certified" storage facility, so I may have to drive a bit but I went ahead and gave em the O.K. let's get going on delivering 1 - 1000 ounce bar. Soon as I know the amount of the bill, I'll let you guys know...
Silver's up today....must be one of those POSITIVE OMENS I keep hearing about. :)

29th October 2008, 12:07
I swear letting other people hold your bars is a ripoff. $1.00 per ounce is $1000.00 thats crazy. You could buy 2 brand new bars from tulving or Apmex and pay less.

It literally costs $100.00 to $150.00 to ship an 80 lb box insured for up to 11,000.

29th October 2008, 12:39
but you are forgetting there is less premium when you buy the silver or gold to begin with on goldmoney. any physical comes with a premium. they might only charge $24 for shipping at APMEX but a 1000 bar is selling for 10.50 an ounce or so today.

sounds like goldmoney is doing some good business to me.

keep us informed.

29th October 2008, 12:41
APMEX sells 1000 ounce bars at .69 premium. Thats dirt cheap.

a 1000 oz bar is big and heavy but nobody is going to steal it from you. They wouldnt have the foggiest idea what it is. They'd probably steal your plasma first.

Take delivery.

29th October 2008, 12:52
... They wouldnt have the foggiest idea what it is. They'd probably steal your plasma first.

Take delivery.

yeah paint it black or grey, throw it in a box with used car parts

mick silver
29th October 2008, 13:12
why would you not want all 4 bars , put them in your safe , if you don;t hold thems you do not own them

29th October 2008, 13:25
my point is that goldmoney isn't bad considering APMEX sells at 69 cents over plus 25$ shipping. APMEX ask price is 22 cents over as well right now. so, it's pretty much a dollar an ounce, same as goldmoney!

seems to me like delivery is from goldmoney is legit, and i think thats the point of this post.

p.s. i just sent payment for my 1000oz from APMEX. haha

29th October 2008, 14:03
I agree. The bars in my account were purchased sub-$9 per ounce so even with the $1 per ounce premium, that's a very fair price for delivery. He just mentioned it could cost UP TO the $1 per ounce figure. They'd know more after they knew where it was going and all of that.
I'm completely happy with GoldMoney and have no complaints whatsoever. With physical silver so difficult to find and buy though, why not get one of these bars for delivery? I think I'll get some organic based black/grey paint and paint if to look like lead and mark it so and keep it out in the garage. If you don't tell anyone, nobody knows.
I'm relieved that there was no hassle or any attitude displayed too. On the COMEX, I can see and understand the attitude from those bandits but here with this being MY silver (and gold) why shouldn't I be able to get one (or more), if that's what I want?? This is a LARGE facility (Via Mat in Switzerland) and I imagine they are familiar with shipping PM's anywhere in the world. Nor I'm betting am I the first to request delivery on part of my account at GoldMoney. Anyway, so far, so good. I'll post soon as I know more...

30th October 2008, 22:03
GoldMoney tells me that I have to go to a "certified storage facility" to pick up my metal at the end of the delivery process. No problem, I'll get there.
What if GoldMoney just does some kind of paper trade with the "certified storage facility" here locally and they then produce (to me) a genuine 1000+ ounce bar of silver, while pocketing the premium for the transaction, WITHOUT actually sending anything halfway around the world?? You would think that there would be (other) metal at this facilty. Hmmmm......
Or do you think they'd actually send it by Currier, Fed-Ex, UPS etc all the way from Zurich to this storage facility?
It makes no difference to me how I get it but I just thought about this possible scenario.

mick silver
30th October 2008, 22:25
get all 4 if you going to have to drive and spent money to get your stuff , if you are not holding your not owning it , get it all out buy a nice gun safe , bolt it down and you have your stuff at home

30th October 2008, 22:45
it seemed to be going too easily... keep us posted! any final premium cost?

31st October 2008, 03:12
Who cares how it got there, as long as you get it ???