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27th October 2008, 21:03
I'm digging into the story of Leo Wanta, and this stuff is just too good to dismiss.

I just discovered this a week ago, and for those of you who are newbies like me, here is the short version.

Leo Wanta (an Ambassador/FBI agent/ several other credentials) was appointed by President Regan with a task. Leo was given $150 Billion in 1981 from the US Treasury. He was to use these funds to buy up Soviet Rubles, and through currency transactions destabilize the Soviet economy. All legal, and properly handled.

When the tasks was complete, he was to return the money, and any profits back to the US Treasury.

Leo was succesful, he was able to destroy the soviet economy, but when that task was complete, Regan was gone and Bush Sr. was in power.

Since that time, Leo has worked to get the money back to the US Treasury, to pay taxes on it, and to pay the American people.

According to this story, there is either $4.7 TRILLION or $27 Trillion dollars to be repaid.

AND (it gets better) This money is to be paid to INDIVIDUAL Americans. Each of us are to get something like several hundred thousand dollars.

Now, at first I kinda of dismissed this story, and thought here we go again, another conspiracy theory, but we PM guys are pretty well aware of the conspiracies on the COMEX.

Straight folk think we are the crackpots.

Anyway, looking back at PREVIOUS writings of the author (this is an English Editor who has championed the cause of Leo Wanta) some of his predictions have become startling true.

Take this report for example:


The editor made these predictions

(Keep in mind, this is July 2007)

Consider the following numbers which we have checked with experts and which are believed to be ‘ball-park’ reliable. The numbers against these mainly American financial institutions represent their estimated derivatives holdings, in billions of US dollars (1):

01. JPMorganChase, $33,700 billion
02. Bank of America, $13,800 billion
03. Citigroup, $11,000 billion
04. Wachovia Corporation, $2,457 billion
05. Bank One Corporation, $1,133 billion
06. HSBC, $1,043 billion
07. Wells Fargo Bank, $911 billion
08. Fleet Boston, $494 billion
09. Bank of New York, $496 billion
10. Country Wide Financial, $410 billion
11. State Street Bank, $320 billion
12. Taunus, $307 billion
13. National City Bank, Cleveland, $203 billion
14. ABN Amro, $188 billion
15. Mellon Bank, $153 billion
16. Keycorp, $98 billion
17. Suntrust, $82 billion
18. First Tennessee Bank, $58 billion
19. US Bancorp, $54 billion
20. PNC Bank NA, $45 billion
21. Doral, $31 billion
22. Northern Trust, $25 billion
23. CIBC Delaware, $25 billion
24. Metlife, $22 billion

And that’s just the main US holders of derivatives (+ ABN Amro). The situation is replicated in Britain, Germany and Switzerland (especially) and France.

The author also writes:

Such sources of unnecessary delay are being overcome, but there is no time left and the tinkering has to stop. Everything is taking longer than anticipated, and time has run out. Quite simply, either the Wanta Settlement is completed (nearly 14 months late)


Anyway, I'm not trying to promote the website, (worldreports.org), and the writing is long, and full of rhetoric, but if any of it's true, I think the rhetoric can be excused.

So, for those of you who know about this story, do you think it's rubish?

Seems that in today's crazy market, and the rallying dollar, some of these stories make alot of sense.

27th October 2008, 21:19
Christopher Story's story is true. The funds are 4.7 trillion. Leo Wanta was a master of currency manipulation.

27th October 2008, 21:53
Christopher Story's story is true. The funds are 4.7 trillion. Leo Wanta was a master of currency manipulation.

How in the world should I believe that individual Americans are going to be given anything by the government? I mean, a "stimulus" package that gives $2000 to a family of 4 is hardly a stimulus package. It adds to the debt WE are paying for anyway, and barely makes a dent in anything a family of 4 needs. Now...a stimulus package, in my opinion, would DEFINITELY be a stimulus package, especially if it were money from a residual due to deflation of a foreign currency. Problem is, we'll never know what truly happened with Wanta. There are public records of his endeavors, but so much of the information circulating in public is convoluted and, frankly, just incorrect. His incarceration in Switzerland, all the through his original arrests for tax evasion. I read Peter Reddaway's (sp?) book "The Tragedy of Russian Reforms" (or something like that), and it's even more confusing...reading like propaganda in many ways. That said, it wouldn't surprise me if Reagan did that, but we'll never know.

Long story short, I don't believe the American public will ever know the facts about Wanta, and even more certain is that we will never see a penny of the trillions that may or may not exist from Wanta's transactions. No way.

27th October 2008, 22:07
True Balou. We will NEVER see any of those funds. However, more stimulous is on the way again and again and again, etc etc etc