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27th October 2008, 05:57
An article on COMEX gold and silver buying has a nice explanation from futures broker Lind-Waldock on how the process works. It is a long article and if you want to just see the detailed process, click on this link and scroll to the bottom.


27th October 2008, 19:25
From the above mentioned article:

"Apparently that exodus of metal from the COMEX is already underway. For example, just over the last five trading days 2,051,970 ounces of silver were withdrawn from COMEX warehouse stocks and delivered elsewhere. The total inventory of silver fell from 133,582,226 to 131,530,256 ounces for the period. And, that’s during October, an “off month,” or relatively light-contract month.

There are persistent rumors in trading circles that an unusually large number of long contract holders intend to stand for delivery in December for both gold and silver. There is good reason for that. Bullion dealers desperately need metal to fill mushrooming customer orders."

27th October 2008, 20:12
That Should Make Things Very Interesting!!!!

27th October 2008, 20:31
Can you all give input on what you think when this COMEX situation is a done deal. Do you believe this will be good --> and for who?
Thanks, Lodr