View Full Version : The coming TOTAL Disconnect...Spot and Physical move OPPOSITE one another

26th October 2008, 18:00
It is fairly apparent that my all-too-familiar "Spot is NOT!!!" motto is right on the money. While "spot moves" still make the "Going rate for physical" move slightly in the same general direction, some day soon the opposite will be true.
A complete disconnect of the spot and physical prices is innevitable and we could be close to THERE. How many months this may take is anyone's guess, but it WILL happen in the near future.
Spot matters little now and will matter NOT!!! in the future.
Paper is plummeting and REAL physical Silver is the true value.
Fluctuating ebay prices notwithstanding, Silver will rise in price according to its own virtues and some dude sitting in an ivory tower with the name COMEX on it will have NOTHING to say about it.
See you soon!!!
I'm out now...

Tribal Warrior
26th October 2008, 18:41
Physical markets are drying up very quickly. In some places it is dry!! Not sure how much longer this will last, another month? or two at most?

I see Mining Stocks going up big time in Nov/Dec.

26th October 2008, 20:17
Agreed! I think the biggest hang-up people get into is this time issue. When will something happen? If the finacial system had a hurricane season to worry about I would say we are at peak season. Live and Learn!

mick silver
27th October 2008, 00:45
how much longer before we take over from the paper market , i am thinking dec

27th October 2008, 07:00
With the COMEX losing 2,000,000 Oz. per week, their vaults will be empty in 15 months. Expect panic to set in in 6 - 9 months, less if their rate of loss increases or they begin restricting deliveries.

27th October 2008, 10:37
See Spot Run,
Spot's Not Fun,
Spot's All Comex Got,
Spot Ain't Hot.
Let's Shoot Spot,
Run!!! Spot!!!!! Run!!!!!!!!!!!!!