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26th March 2007, 00:50
First i would like to say that i am not writing this message as an advertisement for myself. On the other hand, i would like to inform the buyers of textiles that contain silver.

i have been really intrigued for a while about the extraordinary benefits of silver and i have found out that silver usage in textiles is somewhat important in especiaaly europe and Northern America. i decided to manufacture socks, as a start in my country, Turkey, since there was a very important potential in this specific market. First, i made an extensive research as to where to find to silver yarn. Finally, i decided to import it from Germany since Europe is somewhere you would think to trust most.

i asked the same company to send me some samples of socks because i wanted to see how they actually made it. i knew that any textile to have the antibacterial property, it has to contain %10 silver yarn. This place told me that they used %14 at least in their product. Since i thought of this not only a commercial business, but also a productine and a good thing, i spent a lot of time involving important academic people in this process. For instance, i asked the Dean of Textile Technologies in istanbul Technical University, Proffesor Bulent Ozipek, and some important doctors from all the A group hospitals in istanbul. They were as excited about silver usage in textile as us.

After manufacturing these silver health socks, we sent both our random samples and the samples that same from Germany to Eko Teks Labs in istanbul. We asked the lab to make both gram(+) and gram(-)The result was extraordinary. The samples from Europe turned out to be bacteria producing because it appeared that they used only %7,5 of silver yarn. On the other hand, the socks that we produced gave us %99,9 success. This meant that not only in our socks the bacteria stops producing, but also they kill all the bacteria around.

To make the story short, it is very important to trust the manufacturer that one buys his or her textile product. However, the fact that the product is from Europe does not mean it is what they claim to be.

in conclusion, this message is not to advertise for free. in fact, it is to warn the ultamate users of a product. Be careful about where to buy what you might desperately need.

Ardent Listener
26th March 2007, 20:05
Thanks for the heads-up on this. I for one do not consider your post spam at all.

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26th August 2007, 06:53
During the last three years while deer hunting I've used long-john type underware tops and bottoms that are constructed with find silver threads that work to kill the bacteria that form and create odor. Seem to work VERY well...I've seen dozens and dozens of deer and harvested six all three of the last fall seasons.

Grandma and I don't buy pork and the only beef we occcasionally buy is in the form of a (treat) Porterhouse, T-Bone, or Ribeye cooked outdoors.

Karl K. White
23rd September 2007, 21:26
A Silver based ointment was very beneficial in helping me to recover from third degree burns a few years ago. Silver for health? Definitely agree.

2nd February 2009, 17:34
I noticed when I bought a package of socks at Wal-Mart that they are advertised at having anti odor soles. I don't know how why or what this is attributed to but I first thought of silver strands.
Another interesting use may be coming as a substitute for platinum in catalytic converters and diesel filters(Mitsui Corp.) . It looks promising that the next generation of high efficiency battery may be the silver-zinc cell that Z-Power is developing.
The application for silver never cease but the industrial production could be in serious jeopardy.

Silver Lady
29th June 2009, 19:44
I can answer any questions you have regarding silver in textiles.

Silver in clothing kills over 250 bacteria, viruses and fungi. Includes MRSA, Staph, jock itch, yeast infections, e-coli, athlete's foot, warts and toe fungus. It works by suffocating the oxygen they need to breathe and breed. Prescription antibiotics, anti-fungals, and anti-virals mainly just disrupt the cell structures of a select group. They are inefficient on ALL. Unlike silver!

It regulates body temperature, thereby reducing perspiration. It is bacteria and sweat that cause body odor or the human scent. So you can wear the same item for days...you only wash the stuff because it's Dirty!

It will keep you cooler in warm weather because the pores of the fabric open up and let out your body heat. In cold weather the same item seals in your body heat.

It will reduce the electrostatic charges emitted by nerve endings thereby reducing discomfort and pain for people who have neuropathy or skin issues like Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis and even others like Lupus!

Silver is worn by all branches of the US and British Militaries in their base layers. It is also worn by NASA, Olympic Athletes, and Law Enforcement. Miners love it!

I sell the stuff. Everything.