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15th March 2007, 19:03

Year 2007 Scenarios for SILVER

By: SilverStrategies.com

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The aggressive scenario -
Given economic factors such as inflation, industrial shortage and investment demand could easily push Silver above the upper bound of its classical "Ascending Triangle" (continuation formation). The events of this magnitude normally trigger the "buying panic" winch will drive the metal's price to $20.50 level.

The modest scenario -
If instead of making a new high in near future, the price of silver will stagnate in the trading range between major support @ $9.50 and resistance @ $15.00, the reaching of $20.5 level will be postponed until the year of 2008. Please keep your eyes on those numbers..

The worse before the better -
Even though we have a doubt about this scenario, but what if...?
Silver stocks will definitely suffer from the "sell-off" like that, temporarily of course, brining up the sensational opportunity for the investors in physical metal, ETF and stocks.


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21st August 2007, 21:31
Dont forget the worst before the best: http://news.silverseek.com/SilverStrategies/1173932598.php