View Full Version : Scotia Mocatta 2011 Forecast

27th December 2010, 15:49
2011 Forecast (http://www.scotiamocatta.com/scpt/scotiamocatta/prec/Silver2011.pdf)

Don't bother reading it; their 2011 goals have already been surpassed and it's still 2010!

"Executive Summary:
...the next upside target is likely to be $25/oz."

"Conclusion and Forecast:
...we would not be surprised to see $27/oz at some stage."

Published in Oct '10 when silver was running @ $23-24/oz.

With this caveat: "...if investors feel confident enough to liquidate their safe-haven positions...prices could drop sharply and a return to around the $17.00/oz level would not be surprising."

Not too sure where the confidence to step OUT of safety and INTO risk would come from these days, especially when the gov't itself is providing all the unsolicited risk we can handle.

I am buying more this week. :)