View Full Version : N. says financial meltdown will add 20 million to world's jobless ranks

mick silver
21st October 2008, 14:47
GENEVA: The global financial crisis will raise world unemployment to 210 million people by the end of next year, its highest rate in the past decade, the U.N. labor agency said today.

That new figure will include at least 20 million who lose their jobs between now and the end of 2009, said officials of the International Labor Organization.

Global leaders need to focus on the impact on individuals rather than just financial institutions when they devise rescue plans, ILO Director-General Juan Somavia told reporters.

mick silver
21st October 2008, 14:49
''Hopefully, the decisions that have been taken are going to work,'' he said, adding that all measures should be taken to contain as much as possible the fall of the real economy and reduce the recession possibilities as much as possible.

dam is this all we have , is hope it well work