View Full Version : Silver wins again!

8th December 2010, 14:28
Well.......in car colors that is!

Top 8 car colors in North America in 2008:
1. Silver: 20 percent
2. White: 18 percent
3. Black: 17 percent
4. Red: 13 percent
5. Blue: 12 percent
6. Naturals: 9 percent
7. Other/Niche Market Colors: 7 percent
8. Green: 4 percent

In Europe, 35 percent of new car purchases in 2008 were silver, while that number topped 37 percent in the Asia-Pacific region. In North America, silver has been the No. 1 color for seven consecutive years.


The No. 1 Car Color in the U.S.A.
Silver may be the top car color on the road today, but the color of tomorrow is blue--vibrant, rich and complex shades of blue.

Notice the anti-Silver mind control of the MSM!!!!!