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27th December 2006, 12:51
There's been more talk of the Amero lately and this could be an excellent place to track and comment on information that appears on the web. Perhaps a starting place for comments might be a page from the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America's own website called "SPP Myths vs. Facts (http://www.spp.gov/myths_vs_facts.asp)".

Admittedly, the assertions on the site that the SPP is not intended to create a North American Union (NAU) or a new currency (Amero) could be true without contradicting the claims of others that at least rogue/clandestine elements of the North American governments are working to realize these goals. But more likely is that the NAU and the Amero are simply products of intellectual and ideological thinktanks considered by policymakers, favored by some, opposed by others, but not yet actual policy.

Of particular interest to the members of this site may be a claim by Richard Daughty in his habitually alarmist "Mogambo Guru" column that the NAU would simply be a U.S. expropriation of Mexico and Canada's resources and assets to resolve its collapsing dollar conundrum. Mexico and Canada being among the richest countries in terms of mineral wealth, could this be a step toward a metal-backed currency? And if so, is this entire project aimed at reducing the dominance of the Middle East by backing a world reserve currency with metals rather than oil?

But, then, what evidence other than a few academic articles supports the movement towards a union or a new currency at all?