View Full Version : 240 000 tons of cocoa & 350 000 tons of copper bought by speculators last week

5th December 2010, 12:56


5th December 2010, 14:33
JPM is getting ready to launch their Copper ETF (lotsa free fiats in managing paper ETF's)

This will all shut up the traders and lock them in their "status quo" stations.....they will be too busy trying to figure out how to piggy-back their way into JPM's fiat making machines.

2011 hard and soft commodity inflation will keep these traders at a fever pitch. The world will unravel into social unrest, starvation, and poorhouse entrance examinations....all the while the "commodity traders" will blissfully be stacking C4 underneath their "Exchange" Casinos. The Syndicate knows the masses are addicted to their cushy lifestyles and have no desire to embrace any economical pain. They will prepare us for the feast and serve us the "Black Swan". It's like J Sinclair refers to MOPE....in the end, they must keep the fiat "capital" of the people trading and gambling at the casino.


Crash Silver...Crash Damn You! (wait until tomorrow though)

5th December 2010, 14:58
JPM is getting ready to launch their Copper ETF (lotsa free fiats in managing paper ETF's)

Will this mean we can finally get some real tradeable copper bullion?

5th December 2010, 15:19
It means that their gamble (JPM's) has told them what they needed to know:

That 99.9% of the traders in New York and Chicago are of low moral character. They are keepers of the "status quo" and willing participants in the Syndicate's House of Cards Casino Scam. They are fine with manipulative markets and their subservient station to the Shylocks (their masters). It is about maintaining lifestyles and keeping their mouths shut and collecting their paychecks. An ocean of participants without any integrity. Look at all the accusations against the CFTC and JPM....and the "traders" that have no comment regarding these fraudulent markets. They are all aware of the scam that's feeding their lifestyle....their silence is akin to a vote of confidence for the JPM Syndicate.

Crash Silver....Crash Damn You! (wait until tomorrow though)

5th December 2010, 20:56
My a** is, and has been on the Silver Bandwagon for about 9 years now. It's not wide enough to cover 2 wagons. Besides, every day the seat becomes more and more comfortable. Why get up yet?