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2nd December 2010, 15:35

Pay now because we are certain we can get you some silver later?

Yet, there is this.
1 Troy Ounce - Special Offering (Free Ship Item) (http://store.scottsdalesilver.com/product/38/1-Troy-Ounce---Special-Offering-%28Free-Ship-Item%29)
Support the Silver Movement - If everyone bought 1 ounce of silver, it would break the back of the banks that are being investigated for manipulating the silver market. The blogs are heating up with the google trend "Crash JP Morgan Buy Silver" so we've created this offering to attract everyone - especially first time silver buyers. This item is for 1 TROY OUNCE of .999 Fine Silver Bullion. No special requests on this one - we will select for you either a Scottsdale or Silvertowne Hallmark bar or round and could be new/circulated. FREE SHIPPING TO USA! (Go all the way through the checkout process)