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14th October 2008, 22:53
...new members suddenly losing all concept of message board netiquette and practice? In the last few weeks, the influx of "newbie" questions has grown 50 fold. Don't get me wrong...there are no stupid questions (though I'd argue that at times), but when somebody posts a topic about whether people buy on eBay, it makes me think that this person has no interest in truly learning about the content of this site.

The world is filled with lazy, complacent, mindless drones that look for quick easy answers and forget about one of the only true freedoms we have- the intellectual ability to learn, form opinions, and educate ourselves.

For the love of jeebus folks...READ POSTS AND THREADS ON THIS SITE BEFORE YOU SPOUT OUT! Do something productive for yourself. You were obviously smart enough to find the site, and have obviously found a value in discussing PM, but crimony...get off your ass and invest. Don't be a mindless drone. Take responsibility for your own learning, and for cypes sake...take a little risk in learning something you didn't know anything about, or have a clue you actually didn't know what to know. But for lorg's sake...just don't be lazy.

Sorry...had to get that off my chest. It was a shitty day at work.

Don't be a...


15th October 2008, 03:10
Hi Balou,

I understand what you're saying. It goes back to a thread in the market section where someone asked why so many people were trolling but not joining up and asking questions.

I posted that in many cases there are people who know so little about a certain subject that they don't even know what questions to ask. They are afraid of being looked at as stupid.

There are questions I haven't asked on this forum because I know they are so basic the average person here would wonder who could ask a question where the answer is so obvious.

I fished around elsewhere to get some of my answers. You just proved that my post was right. Don't take it the wrong way though. Wondering if silver is sold on E-bay is a little much since everything is sold on E-bay.

I for one didn't know what "BU" stood for when I looked at the various sites selling silver over a year ago. It wasn't until I started seeing "brilliant uncirculated" everywhere that I figured it out. Was I going to ask that? Hell no!

It's like everyone here knows how to put multiple quotes in blue boxes when they post. I have yet to figure that one out but I'm not going to ask anyone. They'll be sitting there saying to themselves, "How could anyone not know that?" Besides, this isn't a computer learning forum. I'll take the time to figure it out someday. I'm just not as computer literate as everyone else on this site and I have never had to make a living using one. They are second nature to most people these days but when I do use one for work it's just very basic stuff. Many people are the same way with PM's

In any case that is my explanation for your angst. I also understand shitty days at work. Ya gotta vent somewhere.

19th October 2008, 22:38
I rest my case.