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Ardent Listener
22nd November 2006, 17:14
Great write-up on Medical Silver


Medical, biocide research may open new markets for silver
By: Dorothy Kosich
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RENO, NV (Mineweb.com) --New research into silverís medical and antibacterial properties may mean good news for silver miners, who are hoping for yet another consumer application for their product.

While silverís use as a purifier has been known for thousands of years, research focusing on the ability of silver to destroy the pathogens that cause illness, disease, and epidemics is heating up.

In a presentation to the China International Silver Conference, Dr, John Aspley, Executive Director of the Immunogenic Research Foundation (IMREF), explained that silver compounds have been used as medicine since the late 1800s, and also have been used as a treatment against infections internationally.

Meanwhile, silver has been viewed as a natural mineral important to health maintenance in the same class as vitamins containing zinc, chromium, copper, iron and magnesium.

Aspley estimated that over 700 types of pathogens have been documented to succumb to silver-based drugs. There are three distinct silver-based drugs, silver slats, silver proteins, and colloidal silver and silver hydrosol.

Biocides are chemicals capable of killing living organisms, and are more commonly known as antibiotics, antivirals, antifungals, germicides and so on. Silver basically disables the food source required by bacteria, viruses, yeasts, and fungi to survive and reproduce.

Oligodynamic silver refers to the power of extremely small concentration of metal ions, such as silver, to exert potent biocidal actions. While it is non-toxic to people and animals, oligodynamic silver is lethal to viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and even cancer cells, according to Aspley. Basically, silver ions destroy bacteria, viruses and other germs by disrupting a germís membrane proteins, deactivating bacterial enzymes, and preventing bacteria from replicating.

Among the bacteria which find silver lethal are salmonella, staph infections, streptococcus, and typhoid. The viruses which canít tolerate silver include Herpes, Influenza, and even the common cold. Uniform Picoscalar Oligodynamic Silver Hydrosol (UOPSH) can attack and kill HIV/AIDs because of the ability for the silver particles to bind to the glycoprotein knobs, which supply the AIDs virus with protein.

The non-profit, Washington State-based Immunogenic Research Foundation is interested in clinical research about silverís potential to combat global epidemics and pandemics including cancer, hepatitis C, HIV, Lymes Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and drug-resistant super-germs.

In a paper published last month in the international scientific journal Current Science, a team of scientists lauded the properties of Silver-Water Dispersion solution as an effective antibiotic. Their study tested 19 different antibiotics against seven pathogens, including resistant superbugs.

A pathogen is a biological agent that causes disease or illness to its host. We encounter pathogens as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa in the form of slime or molds.

While antibiotics may cause illness to patients to temporarily disappear, the antibiotics may also leave behind a host of resistant organisms in the patientís system. These may reappear at a later date, harming the patientís immune system.

The scientists then added American Biotech Labs (ABL) silver to the antibiotics. ABL is 23% owned by Clifton Mining Company. Their research found that combining antibiotics with Silver-Water Dispersion solution cleared out resistant organisms.

In a recent news release, Keith Moeller, an ABL managing director, said, ďWhat this means is that we may have discovered a way to make existing antibiotics more effective. ...By adding our silver to antibiotics we may be able to overcome antibiotic resistance. This could increase the life span and efficacy of individual antibiotics and positively impact millions of people.Ē

On Tuesday, ABL announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued an landmark silver producer and use patent to American Silver, the parent company of ABL. Previous patents issued to ABL governed the technology used in the production of its nano-particle silver. The new patent will provide additional protection for a series of productions the company hopes to introduce in the first quarter of 2007, including an animal wound care product and a cosmetic that helps promote natural healing.

Beijingís Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry of CAS Beijing ChamGo Nano-Tech is among Chinaís leading companies in research and application of antimicrobial materials and antimicrobial agents.

In a presentation to the China International Silver Conference, Li Bizhong said the potential market and applications for silver antimicrobial agents are significant. He noted that silver-containing antimicrobial agents have been widely used in ceramics for bathrooms, washstands, tableware, floors and walls. Silver antimicrobial agents also have potential applications in foods and food preservation, personal care products, telecommunications, building materials, office supplies, toys, medicine and health-related items, and even musical instruments and cigarette filters.

22nd November 2006, 19:01
Among the bacteria which find silver lethal are salmonella, staph infections, streptococcus, and typhoid. The viruses which canít tolerate silver include Herpes, Influenza, and even the common cold. Uniform Picoscalar Oligodynamic Silver Hydrosol (UOPSH) can attack and kill HIV/AIDs because of the ability for the silver particles to bind to the glycoprotein knobs, which supply the AIDs virus with protein.

This was one of the main things I was wondering about. With silver's ability to kill so many strands of viruses, bacteria, and whatnot, I was wondering if HIV/AIDs would be on the list as well. Oddly enough, this is the first mention of it that I've seen. Interesting stuff, indeed. But, I see no mention of being able to use UOPSH internally. I assume that one can.

7th December 2006, 22:48
Years ago a Urologst perscribed a liquid solution of silver nitrate (1%) to be administered through an indwelling catheter. To get it they had to order a dozen 10 ounce bottles. The used 30 cc's one time, then the Doctor changed the order. No more silver nitrate for me.

When I left the hospitalthe silver nitrate was in my property so I brought it home. It was in my closet for 10 or 15 years. Then I read that putting copper in would make the silver come out and replace it with copper. IN went an old penny.

After a few days the penny was covered by a silvery crystal growth. I washed it out and recovered enough silver to make a small round silver ball, if I evry melt it down. There might be enough to make a dime even.

A jeweler said I should bring it over. She wants to make a hole in a piece of charcoal, put my fine silver it, and LOWLY melt it with her torch. I think I'll do it.

DSo as long ago as the late 80's medical silver was for sale in the US. I have been told if I put zinc in the liquid I can recover my copper but there is less than one penny.


1st April 2008, 23:16
I believe in the healing and preventative properties of silver.

So why are we not all using real silver? I drink out of a sterling silver cup everyday. I use silver utensils and even silver straws to drink fluids.

If you want to find "new" uses for silver, return to your roots, and do what your ancestors did "Use Real Silver".

Why should we wait for science to alter the real McCoy? Convenience? Cause it is the "Modern way"? By the time the world comes up with a modern acceptable way to use silver, some drug company will make Billions doing what we can do right now!

The Silver Institute web site has an interesting anecdote about purifying a barrel of water overnight with a silver dollar. Presumably it was a 55 gallon barrel. What will a dime do in a canteen? A quarter in a gallon?

Why not, purify your own drinking water this way, now? If you get healthier, you will know it works.

And, how about the phrase "Born with a silver spoon in his/her mouth." refering to health as much as wealth? Why not eat with a silver spoon every day?

Got a sore throat? Suck on a silver coin.

Got a wart? Tape a silver dime to it and it will fall off.

Small burn? Silver is cooling, soothing and healing in it's natural state.

Got a rash or Herpies? Why not bathe the area with water that a silver coin has soaked in?

Most of our health concerns are private personal things, so no one will know if you try these things and fail. If you succeed, I'm sure you will share your victories with us- if not the world.

I am sure there are hundreds of ways you can think of to use real silver now. Start thinking!

2nd April 2008, 19:36
I know most people probably think that using silver for anything medicinal is just so much hocus-pocus, but it's not. One of my pastimes is the study of ancient history, and silver was absolutely considered "real medicine" throughout all of ancient history and was universally employed as such in every ancient culture I've ever studied.

Even our bodies, yours as well as mine, contain minute particles of silver, copper and gold. These particles are part of the mineral content that is absorbed by plants as they grow and that's how these mineral ores get in our systems. They get there when we eat vegies, fruits and grains. Fruits and nuts from trees absorb more of these minerals than any other kind of plant. And those minerals NEED to be absorbed by our bodies because all of us are essentially bio-electric creatures. Our nerve endings, our brains and the thing that makes us all "living creatures" relies upon our bio-electric responses. Think about it. When your brain is "flat lining" it, (no longer conducting electricity) you are dead.

Silver is the most electrically conductive metal around; that's why it's used to print motherboards and in hundreds of other electronic applications. But it works the same way in our bodies and brains.

For instance, one of the oldest medicines for dementia was drinking silver dust in water. And it does make sense, because doing so would have increased the electrical functions of the synaptic connections that allow one part of our brain to communicate with another part of our brain.

The ancients swore by it as a cure against the effects of old age and memory loss.

2nd October 2008, 15:55
A friend taught me how to make ionic silver water , using batteries and clips and 999. silver wire. I googled in medicinal silver and I think that is the first time the internet search results lead me to this forum. My interest for years in precious metals was mainly because of medicinal properties. I have made and used silver water and while I can't swear to its degree of effectiveness , I can attest it wasn't harmful and did help. It has been recent that I took a second look at metals as hard currency. When paper money seemed headed for obscurity , I thought something else might be needed for even something simple such as buying bread or paying one's bills. I won't be needing this forum anymore , because thru listening , I might have re-affirmed some things I had pondered on concerning 'survival kits'. Esoteric supplies take up very little space , can be carried around lightly , can be left out in the rain and don't require a special hiding place or a guard dog. My interest in precious metals is best expressed in a Utube video (salt water fuel) I posted about a man who used gold (and radio waves) in treating cancer (accidently unlocking secrets of salt water) , and all the research concerning palladium and its usefulness in safe energy production and storage. Even in medical applications gold and silver presently remains superior to uranium. Natron is another mined element that seems to produce better results in cancer than radiation. Sometimes I lose my way. All of this is bigger than me. Money , politics , religion = all fascism looks the same.