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4th October 2008, 13:11
Well folks, the **** is hitting the fan in my area. I live in the Chicago area, NW Indiana to be exact, and my father has informed me that he can't find a station with any gasoline and the ones with any are PACKED. Price has shot up to, iirc, 3.87 a gallon (down from 4.20 high in the summer, haven't been keeping track really) I haven't verified this yet myself, but I filled up last night... no problem. This morning? Problem. That was fast! And of course, the SE coast has been having their shortage the past month or so.

I know there's some other Chicagoans here on the forum, who live around the city. What's up around the city, people?

4th October 2008, 14:52
We have the same issues in florida...95% of the stations are out of 93 octane. Most folks don't care, but those of us who drive high compression sports cars can't run anything lower. :(

5th October 2008, 19:19
We have the same issues in florida...95% of the stations are out of 93 octane. Most folks don't care, but those of us who drive high compression sports cars can't run anything lower. :(

Yep. They've been blamming it on all sorts of things, like the hurricanes. That probably does have something to do with it but about a month ago on the other side of the state I live, in Ft Wayne, there were gas stations rationing supply by raising the price to something like 6 bucks a gallon. Yet, we're told that falling fuel prices are (what else) "good for the economy yippee!!!".

Hmmm... raising prices is a punishable offense. This has happened throughout the past few years, where a station decides to charge more than the typical price. But perhaps the stations aren't out so much as they are conserving supply and profitability? I give it a strong maybe. And like many things I don't suspect this will be investigated any time soon. Afterall, there's an energy agenda to push these days as well as "an economy to save", what all traces back to the monetary issue of the dollar that's STILL not being talked about as much as it should, let alone something done about it!

My Pants Are Cold
5th October 2008, 21:33
I live on the Virginia coast and regular dropped 10 cents a gallon yesterday. $3.49 to $3.39

7th October 2008, 00:59
Havent had that yet here either.
It is at $3.36 today............ interesting

mick silver
7th October 2008, 01:34
it 3.31 a gallon here in ky

7th October 2008, 22:04
It just went down to $2.98 a gallon today here in my neck of the woods.It's been quite a while since we've seen these kind of prices but something tells me it will probably be short lived. Gonna enjoy it while it lasts though!

9th October 2008, 14:25
$3.45/gallon in Southern Calif for regular unleaded

9th October 2008, 20:57
Just filled up for $3.09. I feel blessed. Oh, by the way central Ohio.

10th October 2008, 00:34
Okay, prices falling and no other shortages then? That's what I found out today as I did my errands for the week.

Twas just a flicker of the lights in face of the coming storm, I guess!

About the price rising or falling more...

I think it will remain flat-ish and not rise much if at all in the coming months. Afterall, with banks freezing up the dollar is making a "comeback", the only problem being that nothing they can do can seems to unfreeze things and thus the economy tanks ever downward. This will put enough pressure for another "700 billion" (and nevermind the 1.2 or 1.3 trillion they injected while the last bail out was being debated!). By then, people should more survival minded and would rather have energy and food and all those other wonderful things... who the hell will care if we're slaves?

I won't say stocking is stupid but damn... survive our way into increased slavery... Boy, the future just keeps looking brighter and brighter doesn't it? :mad:

10th October 2008, 00:38
It went from 3.40 down to 2.99 over night earlier this week across the boarder in idaho. 15 miles away here in eastern washington it went from 3.49 to 3.34 this week. Diesel is still 4.25 and up