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2nd October 2008, 05:47
I was wondering whether it isn't time to put ALL new members onto Premod until they have made (say) 20 reasonable posts of some minimum set number of words. The details need not be published, just the fact that new members will come off premod at Admin/Mod discretion.

Checking loadsa posts would seem to be extra work, but in the long run it is less hassle in my experience as a moderator elsewhere.

2nd October 2008, 08:24
How about a software-based solution that simply screens posts for suspicious links or content ? The firewall proxy at my company does a great job of screening out any recreational or sexual content. Too good, in fact..... I'd love to watch Ron Paul's U-Tube videos during my lunch hour but can't. Guess some perverted IT manager here has the sick idea that the computers at work are actually meant for WORK.

If someone has discovered this site address and sold it to spammers then there could be thousands waiting to bomb us. Once you appear on their radar or their 'bots figure out the site security all hell can break loose. If this starts to happen it might be good to close the forum to new membership requests for a few days........ sometimes the only way to get "delisted" is to have the email reflected back to the sender as "undeliverable". Kind of like putting that "do-wa-dooo" out-of-service tone on your answering machine... the autodialers delete your number and don't call back.

2nd October 2008, 12:24
Kind of like putting that "do-wa-dooo" out-of-service tone on your answering machine... the autodialers delete your number and don't call back.

Never thought of that - brilliant! :D

2nd October 2008, 13:43
Yesterday, I got a PM from the forum administrater who told me this spam attack was apparently internet wide. Then later last night, my daughter was online in a parenting forum and she said she saw porno spam (for the first time) all over the place too.

Whatever happened, apparently a whole lot of sites got hit all at once with the same thing.

2nd October 2008, 15:02
It has not yet hit the UK sites I am visit. (so far?)

7th October 2008, 05:19
A little off the original theme of the thread but since it was brought up...

Kind of like putting that "do-wa-dooo" out-of-service tone on your answering machine... the autodialers delete your number and don't call back.

Speaking as someone who works in a call center and used to work in a
different one, that doesn't work. The best thing if you want to manage
incoming calls is a screening device or service that screens the calls before
they reach you. Just make sure the message it gives callers is unambigious
and logical.

For those that are inclined the best is to set up an Asterisk PBX (fully
software PBX, it can run on a pretty cheap second hand computer now)
to capture your phone line (need to add a card to the computer for that
unless you have a VOIP service provider for your phone) then set up the
greeting message to say what types of calls you will or won't accept
and when and say what extension number compliant calls should dial.
Any inteligent call center rep will follow the directions to either go through
or not based on your message. Machines that auto-dial and play a
pre-recorded message aren't intelligent enough to get past it so you
aren't bothered by them.

The mythical "hit (insert magic number here) repeatedly" doesn't work
either. It probably originated by someone hitting the refual option for
one specific auto-dialed call either by listening or by accident and assuming
it makes them all go away. (I once listened to one of those recordings
to the end and since I wasn't interested hit the button for no and it
hadn't called me back since, when people hang up without pressing any
button it assumes it got an answering machine and keeps trying which
make sense.) Problem being that doesn't work if the refusal indicator
is different and when somebody does it to a real live person that they
think is a machine the person on the calling end may assume the person
who picked up is mentally handicapped and might put it for a re-try to
reach a household member that's not mentally handicapped. ;)

In the message avoid words like "solicitation" or references to "this kind
of call" (when you may not yet know what kind of call it is) depending
on your preferences choose one of the following:

#1 We/I don't accept telemarketing calls
#2 We/I do not accept survey calls
#3 We/I do not accept either telemarketing calls or survey calls

Some people that don't want telemarketing calls like doing suverys
and some people who don't want survey calls actually like buying
stuff from telemarketers. Some people like both, some hate both,
just make your message clear as to which catagory you fall into
and anyone legit will adhere to the instructions. If you have more
specific preferences make the message more specific if needed.
Keep in mind the person calling won't know until they are given
that information.

If you really only want to hear from people you know don't put the
extension number in the message and just give it to the people you
know and want to call you. No call center employee is going to sit
there guessing at numbers to reach somebody that doesn't want to
talk to them. ;)

Using your children as a screener is usually counter-productive because
a call center rep often has no way to know if the child that answered is:

#1: Followign your instructions
#2: Goofing around
#3: Mentally disabled

With a machine it's rather unambigious that it was set up intentionally.

Finally one more bonus to using an Asterisk PBX is that you can get a
WIFI SIP phone to access it remotely therefore enabling you to use your
home phone line from any WIFI hotspot potentially cutting cell phone

The instuctions on how to do this can be googled, there is a bundle
called Trixbox that make installation and set up pretty easy.

Why am I sharing all this information? Because when I'm at work doing
surveys my purpose is to gather opinions, not to get people upset. Less
stress for me, less stress for the people that don't want to give their
opinion or get the calls if I only talk to the people that want to participate.
It far more productive to share information and think things through to
find solutions than to get like the furious little cinnamon bun:


(Warning some foul language in the link. ;) )