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29th September 2006, 09:21
Getting Ready for Hard Times is a free E-Book that warns of impending economic catastrophe. It documents specific defects in tax and welfare law that has converted the USA from Creditor to Debtor nation.

It specifically recommends citizens file class action lawsuits against the government to repeal certain laws that appear to be unconstitutional.

For printable, download visit debtism.com website. http://debtism.com/US-Economy/statistics.htm

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23rd October 2006, 13:19
The long term Bull in PMs is beginning to reawaken after a much needed, nap. Post 9-11, Spot Gold prices have risen 86%and Silver an amazing 188%. It should have surprised no one that these price increases could not forever be maintained and that occasional corrections of significant magnitude should be expected. I suspect that during the current phase of correction, the bottom in both metals has already occurred.

Against the backdrop of depreciating dollars in infinite supply and certain and predictable loss in purchasing power; coupled with exponential growth in govenment fiscal (explicit and implicit committments)exposures; the case can be made that there will always be a place for physical PMs in the asset base of a prudent saver/investor.

According to the GAO US government fiscal exposures have increased from $20 trillion to $46 trillion in the past 5 years. That is 2 1/2 times the $10 trillion collected by the IRS. This is just another way of saying that DEBT (created and stimulated by defective tax and welfare laws) has provided purchasing power to an American consumer buying (show and tell) crap he doesn't need with money he doesn't have. If anyone thinks this debt oriented economy can continue to expand indefinitely without major, dire consequences, you might also consider waterfront property in Pecos, Texas.

If there is better insurance against the anticipated results of an economy that is supported by increasing, unredeemable debt than PMs, I don't know what it is.

Like any other investment, consideration has to be given to when and how much to accumulate, hold, and make profitable distributions - to maintain a desired relative position at the lowest possible, net, average asset price.

Example: With moderately effective timing 100 ozs of gold could have been accumulated, following 9-11, for approximately $40k. A prudent saver/investor would consider making distribution of 1/2 that amount when the price exceeded $600 per ounce. Had he done so, he would have recouped $30k (that may be reinvested) of the original invested principal and would now own 50 ozs (valued at $30k)at a net cost of $10k. The same principle could be applied to Silver, except in the past 5 years, the profit would be much greater and/or the net amount invested after distribution would be much smaller vis-a-vis current market prices of both metals.

Chance (or luck) favors the prepared mind!

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By John Koraska, FREE E-Book “Getting Ready for Hard Times” http://debtism.com/US-Economy/statistics.htm

30th November 2007, 17:36
I am the author of the free E-Book "Getting Ready for Hard Times"

I have set up a new website uspublicpolicy.com that may be of interest to those who liked the E-Book

This is a sample of recent articles:

Tyranny of the Middle Class

Tax oppression of middle-class workers is exemplified by tax burdens that are shifted from employers to employees. Middle Class workers are victims of tax discrimination by two direct income taxes on wages: Federal Income Tax (FIT) and Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA). The FICA tax applies only to wages up to the income ceiling (capped taxable amount) of $102000 (2008). See Social Security Overview

Low wage earners with household incomes below the approximate $38000 eligibility threshold may have some or all their FICA taxes returned by the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). The combined effects of the Child Tax Credit (CTC) and the EITC often results in tax refunds that exceed the total FIT & FICA income taxes extracted from their paychecks. I do not disagree with this negative income tax philosophy of beneficial welfare for those that actually work; although tax and welfare policies could be improved by more transparency and simplification. This is the group that does the menial dirty work, get poorly compensated and receive little appreciation.

Highly compensated sole household providers only pay FICA OASI taxes of $5406 (5.3% of the taxable capped amount). When the “provider” retires, the wealthy spouse enjoys “free” Social Security retirement benefits since no extra contribution or premium was paid to fund the spousal income. They both may also enjoy Dividend and Capital Gains tax rates of only 15%. That is less than the combined (employee/employer) total FICA/OASDI-HI of 15.3% .

The combined FICA/OASI taxable income of an upper middle-class working couple often exceeds the annual “capped” amount of $102000. They are denied maximum Social Security benefits because of disingenuous Social Security Administration wage indexation retirement benefit formulas that ignore the combined amounts of FICA taxes paid. They pay for their own retirement and that of a third party, as described in the paragraph above, who receives a free monthly check they don’t need.

The individual median middle-class income is $70000. A working couple, each of whom may earn the median income of $70000 pays FICA taxes on $140000 of combined income. Their combined FICA/OASI taxes of $7420 are 37.25% above the $5406 paid by the highly compensated sole provider. Their estimated individual Social Security retirement benefit of $1899 (Jan 1, 2008) is below that of the maximum Social Security retirement benefit of $2185.

The middle and upper middle class of wage earners that fall within the ($38000 - $102000) thresholds are the ones getting clobbered by fraudulent FIT & FICA income taxes. They pay more taxes and receive relatively less reimbursement than many wealthy pensioners who enjoy subsidized Social Security retirement benefits and 15% flat rates on dividend and capital gain income. The hardest hit by the FIT and FICA income taxes is a single upper middle-class employee who pays inordinately higher taxes (few deductions and exemptions and no tax credits) and receives significantly fewer benefits. This fraudulent process of income redistribution is the exact reverse of President Ronald Reagan’s theory of Trickle down Economics.

Social Security Benefit Amortization

The relative value of the wealthy spouse’s free monthly benefits may be estimated by comparing it to the costs of a lifetime annuity. In the example cited above, the estimated cost of an annuity to provide spousal Single Life Income with No Payments to Beneficiaries ("SL") of $1093 (50% * $2185) per month for a 65 year old female is $174,601. See Annuity calculator
The real value of the Social Security benefit is grossly understated because the annuity is not protected from inflation (depreciated purchasing power). Also it does not take into account that the survivor may outlive the provider and the benefit increases to $2185 per month. A more realistic value of the free benefit may lie in the range of $275k to $400k (depending on the gene pool of longevity).

NOTE: Used herein, the term middle-class worker does not differentiate a social or economic class. The term is loosely defined by the IRS tax code. It is the wage income group that fall between the points (approximately $38000 in 2008) where households become ineligible for earned income tax credits (EITC) and the taxable ceiling ($102000 [2008]) of FICA income taxes. It is this group that is most heavily discriminated against by the IRS, the Social Security Administration, and the politicians.

Copy Tyranny of the Middle Class and paste it in an E-Mail to your representatives and senators. Ask them to address this grievance. Also E-mail to friends and family and ask them to repeat the process. E-mail all candidates running in next year’s elections. Tell them you will not support their candidacy until they pledge to correct this blatant injustice. Write letters to the Editor to inform the public of these grave injustices. Newspapers will be reluctant to publish such a controversial issue. Note: If they refuse to print your letter, tell them your will pay for an advertisement that says the same thing, except a note at the bottom of the ad will inform their readers the newspaper refused to publish your letter. That always gets their attention.

A massive grass-roots movement may compel politicians to insert justice into severely flawed tax and social welfare laws; especially if class-action lawsuits are contemplated that will force them to do their duty. Do your part! Join the Movement for “Justice in Government”!


Please visit. Thanks in advance

John Koraska aka SargeK

30th January 2009, 19:10
thanks for the information

30th January 2009, 19:51

Is your site free? You see I've been officially declared a tightwad [by my daughter].

30th January 2009, 21:46
Be aware of very low post count.....

31st January 2009, 14:28
If you ever expect the IRC to be logical, fair, and rational that's naive. Get a Lobbyist and make big politcial contributions. That's the only way tax regulations and laws have ever been formulated and passed in America. It doesn't matter which party you like. That's the way it is. And both parties always break their promises once in power.

31st January 2009, 19:47
Sarge - welcome and thank you for giving us your resource. I will be reading it tomorrow.

31st January 2009, 20:30
Proprietary Microsoft files have no business on the Internet. Please publish your content using real standards like PDF or HTML.

Thank you.

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Hmm. An "e-book" by someone with no apparent credentials. Color me unexcited.

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Three suspicious posters in this one thread. I don't think I'd open any links here. If you already have, you might update your virus definitions and do a comprehensive scan. There are some nasty things going around now, including keyloggers. Things can be embedded in Word documents.

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