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mick silver
28th September 2008, 22:13
Date / Time: 9/28/2008 6:27 PM



For far too long the American people have sat back and watched for any hope of one day again having a government that takes care of its people rather than the powerful and rich few. It is with great regret that this day has been thrust on the hard working, good intentioned people of America.

As of this writing we understand that there has been a tentative agreement to the $700 billion bailout of the power elite. Creating a debt that will be borne by the American taxpayer. This will not stand.

Today many Americans are disappointed that after letting their Congress men and women know in no uncertain terms that this bailout is unacceptable. Congress has chosen to go against the will of the people they serve. It is time for the American people to understand we are at war.

I do not use the term 'war' lightly. It matters only that we the people did not declare it, our government did, and to exact a war, one has to know who our government this time has declared war on. It is not the oil rich Middle East. Simply put, it is the American taxpayer.

It is after having for many years backed away from a commitment agreed to by our forefathers, that we the people today must act. Our forefathers warned that there would be days like this, and they were very succinct in their response for the actions we should take in this eventuality. When our government runs amok, it is incumbent on we the people to overthrow it. Many for years have believed that terms like 'overthrowing the government' related to revolution meant guns, bombs, killing. Because of that reality, it has been removed from the minds and hearts of most people.

The war to which I speak, the revolution that we must engage in, will use no such weapons. There will need to be no mad rush to buy ammunition for the guns that shall and will remain silent. Rather still we will use the weapons left for us by our forefathers and more lethal today than any military concept. It will be all the ammunition we will need. That is our voice, our voices collectively, and our vote.

With these weapons and ammunition, we will charge forward to overthrow a government that has absolutely ignored every man, woman, and child regardless of race or creed without the luxury of wealth.

Starting this day we will notify Congress, both Democrat, Republican, the president, the vice president, and both presidential candidates. This will not stand. The war will move presently on two fronts. The first front is self-explanatory. It will be political. To all in power that sign on to this bailout, you will be defeated in November.

The Nancy Pelosi's, the Harry Reed's, tonight we remind you, there was a time when the Republicans had control, and in case you have forgotten that was just two years ago. The American public gained the power in congress. This will happen again. And to the Democrats that believe they are immune to the conservative outspoken portion of America, you need only to know this: This day there is no conservative, no liberal, no republican, no Democratic - there are only Americans, and whichever party is in office this day that signs on to this bill, they will lose in November.

And so I would say to the Democrats who are laughing all the way to November, believing that they will gain power, more control, and have their terms at an absolute bow once again in Congress, you have made a serious mistake. If you add it up, Democrats have more seats in Congress, so therefore you, Pelosi, Reed, you have more to lose - for everywhere there is a Democrat in Congress being challenged by a Republican, the Republican will win; and for every Republican in office, there will be a Democrat that will win. Do the math and look at where the power will lie.

To Obama and McCain: The American people believe, as you have with the cooperation of the media, convinced them that there is no choice; one or the other. Let me be very clear. There are other choices, and the mantra that will run throughout this nation will be 'anybody but you.'

I know that you believe that there cannot be a third party candidate that could surely glean enough votes to actually win. You may be right. But as both of you should be keenly aware, neither of you have a vote that you can afford to lose.

Most directly to you, McCain, believe these words today, for any vote passed for a Libertarian candidate or the Constitutional candidate or the Green Party candidate, the deficit will be applied to you more so than Obama. Make your choice well who you believe, and I will give you the choice that should be the will of the American people.

Do not worry, Obama, for you are not free of risk because you should know better than anyone the damage this bill will cause to those of color in this country, and maybe they will figure out that you are more closely akin to the rich and power elite than you are to them.

The second front will be more serious than that of simply politics. If this bill passes under the pretense that if it is not done then there could be runs on banks forcing the collapse of our financial institutions. To all of the people of America, that may be you will turn into an absolute, with the passing of this bill, all Americans that cannot take it any more than have been pushed to the bottom more and more every day, your task is simple. They are afraid of a run on banks. You, we, will give it to them.

With the signing of this bill, all are to go to their financial institution, get in line, and pull every single dollar out of your bank. I know you think that extreme. We did not ask for this course. We did not choose this action. Our government betrayed us and sold us out. They have given us no choice. We did not pick this battle, but it is still within us that if a battle is to be waged, we the people will choose the battlefield.

To this end, I say to you, the false entity that we still call our government, you are forcing the hand of the people you are supposed to serve, and you will be dealt with swiftly and absolutely.

To this corrupt form of government, you seem to have forgotten amidst the phone calls, the emails, the letters, that these interested people trying to communicate with you are actually the people you work for. You represent us. We are not your pawns to be led blindly around. Choose wisely your actions because the American people have drawn finally a line in the sand, not of our choosing but out of necessity, to overthrow the government that has betrayed us.

I intend that this message be sent to you directly by as many people who feel obliged to do so. It is only important that you hold, not the people that have become so compelled to take action, accountable. If there is retribution, I suggest you aim it at me. My name is Larry Nichols.

Larry Nichols

Edit this section out when forwarding to congress and media:

TO ALL THAT RECEIVE THIS: You must move swiftly. Email this over and over to every member of Congress, the White House, the presidential candidates. Let them see this now before the vote goes down tomorrow. There is time to stop a needless war that will surely hurt us. There will be casualties. Be strong, be wise, and know you must fight; if not for you, for the people you love, your children, your grandchildren, your grandchildren's grandchildren, and if you cannot feel compelled to act, you will be complicit with the http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Nichols-live/blog/2008/09/28/TIME-TO-ACT-AMERICA

mick silver
28th September 2008, 22:14
dam stuff getting started now , i think people are sick of this stuff now , look like people are starting to wake up

28th September 2008, 22:56
It's just too damn bad they didn't wake up months ago while Ron Paul was trying to tell us what was going to happen. Every one if you love this country and care about your kids and grandkids future E-mail your congress and senators and do it now before it is too late. If this passes we are all screwede whether you have silver or not it is going to be an ugly time in this country and the whole world for that matter for the foreseeable future, and I'm not talking months I'm talking years!!

mick silver
28th September 2008, 22:59
all the phone line are full now . just try and call your senator or congress man or woman

28th September 2008, 23:38
The phones may be full but the E-mail is working I just finished E-mailing all of my Iowa Representaives and senators. Come on people flood their E-mail boxes and phone lines!! Do it now before it's too late!!

mick silver
28th September 2008, 23:49
I Email Jim Bunning Again

29th September 2008, 12:34
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