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28th September 2008, 07:59
i checked out the goldbarsworldwide website and noticed an error.....

my email sent to goldbars:

Great website!
I have detected an error which you should pay some attention to.
Under the tab "Gold Conversion Tables" it shows 1 gram=0.321507465 ounces troy.
In the box immediately below, it shows 10 grams = 0.321 ounbces troy (same weight as 1 gram as above)
You can't have it both ways!!!
The correct weight of 1 gram = 0.0321, not 0.321 as shown.
Glad to be of help, this may clear up some confusion for those who rely on these tables.......

their reply:

Hi John
Thank you so much for pointing this out. Numbers like this are checked over and over and we cannot understand how it happened AND that you are the first to point it out.
Really appreciate you contacting us. We will fix asap.
Brigida Desebrock
Grendon International Research Pty Ltd
33 Alexandra Road
East Fremantle WA 6158
Tel: +61893192171 Fax: +61893192154
email: grendon@grendon.com.au
web: www.goldbarsworldwide.com www.grendon.com.au

when in college, i would point out mistakes that the math teacher made on the blackboard. love doing this!

29th September 2008, 02:46
= 0.321 ounbces troy

Yeah, me too......just kidding.