View Full Version : Stand up comedy tonight, live on ABC!!

Tribal Warrior
26th September 2008, 22:37
Hey everybody, yall tuned in to ABC? It's standup comedy night. Guest speakers yours truely Big Change Obama vs. Big John McCain,,,

The count is tied,,,

Economically neither has a clue. Lets cut government spending, but send more soldiers to Afghan.

Obama says we are spending 150billion a year on the war in Iraq, he doesn't agree with that war, but he'll surely go to war with afghan and pakistan. What a moron!!

Round Town
27th September 2008, 11:46
They need to add a 3 person panel and a gong to these debates.
The only thing missing is cream pies.

Bob, we have no banana today.
The view from my pile, yours may be different.