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25th September 2008, 18:41
Seven years I started buying silver and it was so simple back then. Straight supply and demand with no need to think about conspiracies, the Federal Reserve, fiat currencies, the euro or the dollar, budget deficits, etc. Well, it does seem more complicated nowadays for silver investors but at least all the predictions of economic collapse are indeed coming true. Shouldn't that help gold and silver ? It eventually will I suppose but when the credit crisis started back in the summer of 2007 silver was trading around thirteen dollars an ounce - roughly the same as today. Is anyone else as disappointed as I am about all the disaster not doing anything for the price of silver ? Maybe two or five years from now silver will rise because of all our troubles but I sure would hope it moves up much sooner.


25th September 2008, 19:02
I'm glad someone is willing to talk about investing this way since the year 2000. You've seen the credit boom, crunch, and bust! All the time knowing NOT to use credit to invest. That's one good thing. It's strange how there HASN'T been an overnight leap in spot price for gold or silver during the issues we've seen this whole year! I'm sure others disagree with me, but I really believe paper silver investing through ETFs has actually killed the ability of PMs to rebound in value because so many shares of ETF have been sold! More than mined silver available!

We know the agreed upon merged futures/physical spot price of silver is around $13.25 but the REAL price - if any of us were to sell our 'inventory' would go for around $27 or more an ounce - seeing as we probably wouldn't be selling it back to the coin dealers we bought it from! Selling now would be pure speculation. NONE of us here are speculators! Things haven't changed! Things just got more confusing! There's more commercials, there's more hype!

26th September 2008, 00:50
There's more investigation.

NONE of us here are speculators! Things haven't changed! Things just got more confusing! There's more commercials, there's more hype!

Tribal Warrior
26th September 2008, 18:58
Well, last year when silver was at $13, I could get 1oz. rounds for $13.50,,,Now at roughly $13.40 I have to pay $15 for that 1oz. round. Now I can also sell that 1oz. round for $17+,,,

Am I mad at these markets,,,at first back in july I was,,,but now,,,I'm very happy,,,buying cheap selling high very easily as long as I can still get silver

There will come a day very soon, maybe within a month or so, when it'll be very hard to find any silver whatsoever in coin shops/dealers. Besides what's coming in from miners on a weekly/monthly basis, but that's usually already spoken for or bought within hours/day.

26th September 2008, 19:33
TribalWarrior -

THAT is the very reason I was encouraging Metalworx to melt some silver and sell it on the open market undercutting AMPEX and the big online bullion sellers by a few bucks. For one thing, people would consider the price for those low mintage 'dingus's' to be a good deal. Also the coin/bullion dealers like them and Kitco don't sell on eBay/craigslist. People who are buying a great deal go to them. But think about this: Silver's been hard to get from coin dealers and the like since February of this year. Small sized mints putting out 1 & 5 ounce weights for retail consumption would stabilize spot price so it would be more spot THAN not. The mine owners and bullion manufacturers like Kitco are in hock to their eyeballs to the banks. They make money whether you buy physical or not. So they don't really CARE what's going on with short trades and naked shorts.

You think with all that's going on with the economy that silver and gold is going to be easy to come by in the future? How can it be? It's all ready accounted for - it's technically already SPENT! Us using our cash to buy it, means some of it sticks around with us! Using cash to buy paper silver just perpetuates what we're dealing with right now...

Heck, there's Germany and the UK where bullion has VAT attached to it to MAKE it worth our while to mint some art objects and sell silver to those countries that way. What prices they pay would be competitive with bullion prices.