View Full Version : Throw some Gasoline on this Fire, If you can find any

19th September 2008, 21:11
Just heard from friends in South Florida that the gas lines are long and stations are out. We live near Nashville and the story is the same. They say it is from Hurricane Ike. I lived in S FL for Charley, Jeanne, Francis, Katrina, Rita, and Wilma, give or take some little ones, and fuel was out for maybe a week in the direct hit zone. Hold on to your silver and cut some firewood. The energy crisis is the next event. Coming to a home near you this winter.
God bless...

Tribal Warrior
20th September 2008, 00:55
Hmmm, Gas here in Northern Indiana was $4.15gallon since the day after IKE, the past few days they've actually came down to $3.83gallon.