View Full Version : ...putting two and two together?

18th September 2008, 00:18
I was just as astounded by today's metal jump, as the rest of you apparently were. I also allowed myself to feel a moment of satisfaction too, as this appears to be the "natural" and "expected" result of the not-so-pretty government policies we've all been talking about for days/weeks/months/years. I did as I always seem to do...and I "flowed" with my thoughts...out to the very end of forever. In forever, my thoughts suddenly encountered a speed bump.

I thought that if this change in direction were to continue at this pace...gold would rapidly be valued in tens of thousands, and silver would just as rapidly add digits to keep pace. I smiled to think about my pocket-book, but it became a little forced when I thought about how this would be perceived by others. I guess that this effect is just the natural consequence of good decisions...and that it was MY business what those decisions were, and how they had affected me...but as unfair as it appeared, I knew that the resentment of others would be unavoidable.

...the discussions of the last few days echoed in my head...and wise words reminding that many contingencies have been planned for decades, suddenly made me feel a little ill. Is it really possible that the financial game has just come undone, and that the "natural" mechanism of market forces finally holds sway? Probably not.

...it is far more likely that the realizations of the past months, speaking to manipulation of the markets, still holds true...and that the "manipulators" are just warming up. Gold raised almost 100 USD in a day, with silver following it, or leading it...whichever you prefer...by 1.5 USD. This is dramatic, and if continued until the close of the "fiscal" year, gold will equal approx. 2500 USD, and silver, will weigh in over 30 USD. Stellar gains like this will likely make every "formal" headline, where the brutal crushing of prices was deafening in its silence. Many people throughout the land (the sheeple) will be packing the things in their foreclosed homes, while they read the headlines, and eat a sandwich before they finish loading the truck. It will be pointed out to them, that the true villain turning them out of their homes...is clearly, gold and silver...and the people who have them.

I only had this thought because I tried to imagine how the ABSURD idea of setting gold prices within the US at 500 USD would fit in to today's metal event. This line of reasoning makes it fit perfectly. How better to tame a "demon", than to put it in jail?

...thanks for listening...I was just letting my paranoia run wild. Perhaps we should be working towards "hey...dummy...you might not believe this, but S&G is gonna' get REALLY expensive...just remember, I am telling you now, that its NOT the bad guy."

...oh, and thank you, Kelly, for calling me a "sweet young man". (reaching over for another Geritol shooter)