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11th September 2008, 00:36
an excerpt from this article:


"And so, if one asks, could the price of gold be suppressed indefinitely, the answer is YES! Sure it could! If central bankers around the world are so profoundly incentivized to protect the value and purchasing power of their own currencies by continuously mis-representing how much gold they actually had, and how much they had in the past sold and were presently selling, then the answer is yes.
And here’s the scary part. There is no way of knowing how much gold is actually bought or sold in a single day. Apart from official central bank disclosure documents, which are released quarterly, there’s no daily tally of what anybody has bought or sold.
Three things should now be abundantly clear to the investing public: 1) Mainstream media acts as PR and Image Perception Management for big business and government; 2) The government acts in the interests of itself primarily; and 3) If the information issued by any of these entities is suspect in its integrity, then its impossible to know what’s coming next. Chris Powell from GATA says, “Governments may be able to suppress the gold price forever but only if, first, their own gold reserves are infinite and the governments are prepared to dishoard them indefinitely, or if governments are prepared to put legal restrictions on gold ownership. Unless such restrictions can be enacted worldwide -- in every major country -- it's unlikely that the gold price can be surpressed forever."

11th September 2008, 01:10
I'm no pundit, but I have a hard time believing that PM could be suppressed for an extended period of time, in the current global economy. I do think it's possible for short stints (5 years or so), but there are too many variables to take in to account for any prolonged suppression. Fiat strength is failing faster than it has in recent history. It will only be a matter of time before the suppression/manipulation is usurped by the power of value.

11th September 2008, 01:11
...thanks for the link though. Interesting read.

11th September 2008, 11:51
It's quite possible that not even the banks know how much gold there really is floating around. For instance, back in WWII the Nazis plundered thousands and thousands of ounces of gold and hid it away. When the stash was eventually discovered, all that gold sort of "dissappeared" into oblivion, and today people can only guess where it all went.

All that gold is undoubtedly in somebody's bank vault somewhere, but nobody knows who that somebody is.

That gold was NEVER counted in any of the "official" gold reports reported by the banking systems.

And that's just one example. Another example is all the gold that was once stashed under Soloman's temple. It's generally thought that the Templars eventually found that stash, but nobody has come up with the proof yet, and nobody really knows for sure where it all went.